The game is in really really really really bad condition, things we want are just not on the horizon

i send a signal and 10 secs after signal is refleected on the map… on 3vs3 matches. nohing to do with internet…

on 3vs3 ranekd matches we shoudl be able to see what rank is our partners… i see decks and i see that guy is really really bad, its not fun to play with very bad people…

i dont know why developers works on reworks… etc , please give good quality

give back ranked matches on lobby as age 3 of 2005, i think now is better

  1. no rename deck
  2. no deck reorder
  3. no numeric info on cards

whats on the horizon???
whats the priority?
quality should be on the horizon

im tired that a game with potential is just a bad game, all players, ask any of them want rename deck, deck redorder, all of them, why is even not considered?

also signals doesnt work… i have to report that bug, no one has reproted it. i cannot even make the different flare signals


The game is in really really really really bad condition
You make really really really really big statements, based on… signal action delay?
And game is in bad condition because… you met a bad player?

To be very polite- that is a puzzling line of thought. :confused:

By ‘nothing to do with the internet’ what do you mean exactly? The quality of the service provided by your ISP is good, if you’re using wifi signal is stable and strong?

What pings are we talking about here, have you checked?


well, i hope they fix it, instead of just taking opinion as attacks

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Your opinion is that the game is in really, really, really bad condition. My opinion is that you are wrong.


On the deck rename, tbh its a nice to have thing but its never a problem for me personally tbh, I make a few decks and then edit from those. Same on the reorder

On the signal, I feel like lag has been getting slightly worse but I cant tell if that is just me or not. There has been some increased load from the game. for the most part it works fine

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You just can copy the deck with a new name, easy

And HC cards and techs give you numeric data (%upgraded, trickles, abilitys enabled, units that get the boost…). About time, you will research it anyways. Anyone of you watch the building time?? Cause its on the UI. If you want a barracks you will build it anyways. There is no reason to full the UI with useless info.


woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, so much hate to add mroe info on IU

Saying the game is in really really really really bad state because the flares are delayed is just melodramatic. Not being able to see people’s decks in lobby I don’t really care about tbh. It doesn’t mean anything really.


It’s not hate on modifying the UI, what you mention would be something good. It’s hate on saying that the game is in really really really bad shape


Everyone has their own point of view on this game, everyone has a different idea about many things everyone is different. That’s all.

There’s a mature way to express frustrations and this isn’t it. Every post I see of yours is negative. Why even play the game if you’re so unhappy with it?


you do realize moaning isn’t helping your case right?

I agree. Instead of saying ‘Could we please have these quality of life stuff?’ he says ‘the game is in really really really bad shape’

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I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume English isn’t your first language. While we can understand you just fine, you may not be familiar with more nuanced words that would communicate a touch more politely what you want to say. Be careful with what you say because might think you’re just complaining and being unreasonable.

No one wants to play with weak allies. I think we all understand that. But you have to trust the ELO ranking system to match you with appropriately skilled players. If you have evidence that shows the system is not working, that’s something to fix.

However, it sounds like you’re asking to look at your teammates’ decks so that you can kick them out if you don’t like their card choices. That seems to be a rather rude thing to do when the ELO system shows they win enough games and have enough skill to be matched with you, and they do that with the decks they have. Maybe those selections work well for those players. Maybe you prefer something different. Does this mean they should be kicked out of a game?

The kind of change you’re suggesting is one that many games specifically do not have because they know that players will be rude or toxic to each other trying to “fish” for the best allies or “fish” for the worst opponents to help them win.

Renaming with one button would be nice. Right now, you can copy the deck. Give the new deck the name you want, then delete the old deck. You have to do 3 steps, but it does the job.

Deck reordering would be nice, especially since you can only see like 5-6 or of them and you have default decks that take up the top slots (Beginner, Land, Naval, Tycoon). I think it would be nice to prioritize our customized decks to the top. It’s a good idea.

As far as numeric info, this may be a settings issue. I am able to clearly see all of the info. If a card is one-time, 2x, or infinite, it’s color-coded. The effects are listed if you move the mouse over the card. Only a handful of cards don’t have very detailed descriptions. I think it’s far to mention specific cards you’d like to see be more specific. Tavern cards that “reduce population cost” is one. By how many? 1 pop? 2 pop? I suspect the reason is that there isn’t enough space to write it. I would suggest (-2 pop, minimum: 1), but the point is I think there are reasons why certain bonuses aren’t clearly stated.

We get some hints at the end of the patch notes. You can look them up on this site. They’re not very descriptive. I think this is because if you’re the developer, you don’t know exactly how long it’ll take to get a new feature to work the way you want it to, debug it, and properly test it for balance. So, developers choose not to tell you too much until they’re very close to being able to release it. They build hype when they can deliver on the promise, but don’t end up being seen as making promises they didn’t keep. For example, we knew they were working on the Sioux/Lakota and Iroquois/Haud reworks and new home cities. They told us ~3 months ago and have since delivered. Even then, they have been controversial and people felt like they weren’t quite ready to release. Do you see the problem?

on ranked, not on lobby i see their decks and i say, why am i playing versus him or why is he in my team? i want to play with people of mi same or better skill, is ranked

thats true, basically im saying i play less now, every time i say info on iu should be added, for some reason a guy says there is no need to put more info on IU… pathetic, devs just keep making new civs with cards that say “this card gives a little a mount of” instead of saying this cards gives 10% of the cost of, 20% of the cost of", there are more than 50 cards like this, then a guy here in the forum says that is not needed because all cards give % and numeric info, what is totally wrong, and i ask myself , why this guy comment that? did he even play the game? so i considerar that as hate, because they are lying
@Ekdal1378 find the more than 50 cards that give no numeric info bro.
No, the lack of info is not because i dont have activated “show complete info”.
This card could say, have a 50% discount off, but some big buttons:
image have 75% lest coss on wood, same cost on food.
So we could know if its a card’s bug that dont reduce cost, and to know what especifically gives us the card

there is alot of space to add iu info, a lot.

come on devs, please stop working on new civs, reworking civs, just give more info on IU!, then after this bring civs, we are forgetful, we cannot remember how much value a card has, was it 10%, was it 25%, i dont remember the card just say " a little amount" (there are aprox. more than 50 cards like this, even more)
and nerf otoman advance to IV and revolution making every vill has 300 hp being corsairs… absurd

There are many things to improve, but the game is better than ever.
Does anyone remember what the game was like before the remaster (2020)?


when you say check other people’s decks in ranked, when ?

in lobby before the game?

in the game?

cause either way once you are in the game and you see their decks you would either have to quit or kick them( which you cant anyway), either one of which is effectively a loss

Yes, I still play it. It was amazing. DE is a remake with the number of changes it made.

I don’t know maybe he perceived the potential in this game and maybe he likes something about the game but he doesn’t want to abandon it and writes on a public forum what he doesn’t like as now everyone does without a brake as I see.
But the point is that it becomes a personal attack and the situation always degenerates into constant complaints with no purpose, becoming a less constructive discussion.