The game of my childhood

I am very excited to give this game a try! Even the thought of it reminds me of when I was 12 sitting in my parent’s den playing the first Age of Empires demo. I probably spent at least 2 weeks playing it after school to try to attack the Romans as the Carthaginians. Those blasted priests kept converting my units!
From there, moving onto the ‘see through’ building in AoE2 to track villagers and units behind buildings, and the glory of castles!
Finally, I landed on Age of Mythology, with its amazing rock paper scissors mechanic throughout its human, and myth unit trees was truly a strategic micromanagement RTS. The Titans only gave it another adrenaline rush!

I didn’t play much AoE III as it was too much of a departure from the originals for me.

Now for Age of Empires IV! I cannot wait to try this out when it’s available! So glad this was not a franchise that was forgotten. Thank you for bringing my happy childhood after school days back to mind, and the joy that came along with them!