The game started very slowly

Steam version, it takes five minutes to start the game on win10, and it works normally on my other win7 laptop. It should be like this after a previous update. It takes a long time to wait. Looking at the task manager, I feel that in the slow read disk, CPU and memory usage are very low.


55 seconds for me, not five minutes.
Still, it seems like it takes a lonnng time… and I even have the “skipintro” modifier enabled

more mods subscribed = longer the start time. disabling mod does not help.

this really outta be changed tbh, when mods are loaded in single player and multiplayer, it is once again checked w/e game needs to check, no point of having the same check at start of the program except loading it into memory, which should be a straight copy and at most takes 3-5 seconds with exception of bunch of small file transfer (into memory at that).

@GMEvangelos is it possible to take this away, this has plagued the game for a very long time and would be a drastic improvement in game performance for start time. people taking 5 mins to start due to over 15+ mod would probably have that reduced to a matter of 40 seconds at most. please and thank you.

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I tested the unsubscribe mod and didn’t solve the problem.

probably cause it auto resubscribe them.

The official mod can’t be cancelled. This is another bug

It happens to me too but I just do other things while waiting for the game to load anyway so I don’t mind much.

Oh, that’s adding to the load time?? That’s not too cool :slight_smile: I have several mods subscribed to but disabled. Like campaigns, AoE event mods, and a couple others. No crazy amount.

I can just imagine if this isn’t fixed how over the years if I keep adding more mods and campaigns, this won’t be good

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problem is, we can’t even unsubscribe official mods at time. it auto download each time so we stuck in this end less loop of slow start

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The problem is solved. I cleaned up the system, upgraded the patch, shut down the background service, cleaned up the disk, and set the power supply. I don’t know what the impact is. The startup speed is normal…

i wish it was that simple, until you get mods subscribed again and it’ll slow down again