The gate of wall should be the focal point of the attack

Hey there,
In ancient warfare, people often focus on breaking through the gates, whereas in games the opposite is true. so here’s my ideas to solve the problem:

  • The gates provide a halo that doubles the health of nearby walls(Or the wall will automatically lose half of its health until a nearby gate is built). And the destruction of the gate will bring down the wider wall.
  • The blood at the gate should be halved.
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Destroying a gate does bring down more wall on either side of it making a bigger breach. It also has less health than wall segments so is easier to take down.

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But I don’t think that’s enough. I find that when people talk about walls in forums, they talk about breaking through walls rather than breaking through gates. The importance of doors should be highlighted.

I am sure that stone gates have less health or break faster than normal stone wall segments.

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But players are still willing to attack well-positioned walls rather than poorly positioned gates. I mean that the gates should be much more vulnerable than they are now, for example, with HP halved.

I disagree people in my games always attack gates unless there are no gates, the reason being the wall breaking to the left and right else your army has to pass throw a small choke point and just gets obliterated.


I always see people attack the gate if there is one.

As we said it has less health and opens a bigger hole.

If the health of the gates is not too high, why do developer need to weaken the health and building cost of the walls multiple times. I mean that it’s not the wall that needs to be weakened, it’s the door, and the door needs to be overhauled
Also, in the current version, both doors and walls have 1500 health.

I thought we were talking about stone walls.

Nerf the health of the gate does not affect your ability to attack the city as before. Whether you break through a stone wall with 3500 health or a door with 1000 health depends on your strategy.

I have no clear idea what the OP is trying to say if I’m honest.


If I am using rams I will favour attacking the wall over the gate as it is harder for the enemy to sally out and torch my units.