The genitour and condo local like stepe lancer?

should the genitour and condo be local units like the steepe lancer?

the genitour is imo preety usefull and it should be more widely available, perhaps available to middle estern civs is a good addition. it would give the turks a trash unit that would benefit from sipahi and synergize well with their hussars / cavalry

the condo perhaps could be available to european and meditarrenean civs who have hc and bbc,

the aim is to add variety and options to civs

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goths with condo as a baseline option?
no thanks.
the genitour was actually a way the people of the iberian peninsula fought against the berbers, so if anything it should be relocalized to them.

not really a fan of either of these ideas though.

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Is like it.
I only really play 1v1, so it’s not much benefit for me that genitours are a civ bonus.
I’d like to see more genitours, to me the unit is a cool concept.

Giving them to Turks feels like a cheat way to give them ESkirm, imo Turks should be buffed in a way which buffs their gold units. They’re unpopular in team games too.

I don’t care much for condos. Not an interesting concept imo.

Condottieri was an italian thing. It’s fitting as a UU for them only.
About genitours, if they get renamed to mounted skirmisher or something like that I can see them added to saracens and turks. It should carry undesired balance changes though. And, as said avobe, genitours was actually an iberian concept.

I like the idea! Genitours especially could be an interesting regional unit, condos being a little more iffy. I wouldn’t even mind Imp skirm and camel being more widely available.