The gold drip buff (capitalism) in the German consulate has not been updated

In the last patch, which was where the US was added as a civ, the gold drip shipping (capitalism) was improved from 1.25 to 1.50. This update has not yet been applied to the German consulate


Can confirm, assuming this was an oversight/bug. Adding more detail to OP’s post:

This is referring to the Chinese civilization who can access the German consulate and their three economic trickle technologies (food 1.5/sec; wood 1.25/sec; gold 1.25/sec) available in age I, II and III respectively.

Since the card Capitalism now offers 1.5 gold/sec rather than 1.25 gold/sec. Should the German consulate upgrade the gold trickle technology from 1.25/sec to 1.5/sec?


Maybe it’s time to boost the food trickle as well (for the german consulate and for the other civ which have access to the card like the dutch!

1.5 gold.second =2.5 settlers gathering gold
1.5 food.second = 1.74 setllers on hunt. Could be 2.


Theoretically, it should be updated, if it is practically the same shipment, only simplified as consulate technology. Well, if we talk in terms of balance, that would be another issue, in my humble opinion it is not a change that will impact much, especially since the Chinese usually spend the export in the buildings of the Russian consulate or send troops from the British consulate, at least 1v1 games I see it like this

Good point, Colbertism (Food trickle) is a underused card since food is the fastest gathering resource. Here is some quick maths:

  • Distributivism: 1.25 wood per sec / 0.5 wood (tree) per sec = 2.5 villagers

  • Capitalism: 1.5 gold per sec / 0.6 gold (mine) per sec = 2.5 villagers

  • Colbertism: 1.5 food per sec / 0.84 food (hunt) per sec = 1.78 villagers

After some simple algebra, in order for Colbertism to provide an equivalent villager benefit, it would need to provide:

2.1 food per sec / 0.84 food (hunt) per sec = 2.5 villagers


Hi guys, I’ve forwarded this to the balance team, thanks for your report/input.


Under that logic I think that the card Sumptuary Laws for Asian civs that provide small multiple trickles should be buffed as well, to the equivalent of 2.5 vills, right now nobody uses it.


I agree, currently, Sumpturary Laws is not a viable card. It is a bit more difficult to balance this card due to the export and exp trickle.

Distributivism: 75 wood in 1 min
Capitalism: (Update 26865 improved rate from 1.5 to 1.65) = 99 coin in 1 min

Sumptuary Laws = 18 food, 18 wood, 18 gold, 9 export and 9 exp in 1 min. Also keeping in mind trickles of food is not efficient as wood and gold.

I can’t offer what kind of buff it should receive but it definitely needs one, at the moment, it is not even worth putting it in a deck.


In this patch released today, the bug has not yet been corrected, it is still 1.25

Capitalism actually got buffed to 1.65 in the latest patch, so the German consulate one should be adjusted accordingly. I still would also like to see all trickles been upped to be on the same vills equivalent, like we’ve discussed in this thread.

I agree with improving sanctuary laws, currently it is far behind the shipments of drips, I use it with Chinese people because I have timing with the blockhouse for which I need that small export drip and also because shipments from China are very bad in the first place age I have no other option, the other would be to send me 2 villagers

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Devs any news on this issue?