The Goths Need Nerfs!

Both the unique techs of the Goths make it a very hard to counter infantry civ particularly if you are paying with an archer civ. With the latest update the removal of supplies from several civilizations is actually an indirect nerf to the goths… Particularly the Chinese and the Mayans. Being a Archer civ they are already weak against goths and now they loose supplies that previously helped to balance against the swarming infantries of the Goths. Moreover, they have cheaper infantry in the dark age then why there is a need of providing them free loom?

Simply OP!

i think you meant buff not nerf? and im surprised more people didnt jump on the band wagon and shout you down…

mayans and chinese are doing really well in higher tiers, but i know china struggles with lower tier players due to its unique start.

but i agree goths(and possibly malians for their champskarls) to some extent have a stronger game vs mayans… as many people will likely tell you, if you fight goths, you need to kill them in the feudal, castle or early imperial, dont let them get their infantry flood going, and they have weaker bonuses than you do in the aforementioned ages… plumed archers can still rek normal huskarls, nevermind swordsmen… so you will have to be more aggressive if you want to beat goths…

same goes for things like ethiopia vs goths (which has arguably one of the hardest late games vs goths)


Chinese are not weak against Goths, Chu Ko Nus are actually a counter to Huskarls, despite being Archers, because the extra arrow damage is not diminished by the Huskarl armour.

Mayans REALLY need to start fpcusing on Mass Eagles against Goths, and forget Archers in that matchup.

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The problem is that the goth player can out-mass eagles, which take a long time to build, and cost more gold to boot. (also huskarls do bonus dmg vs eagles)


Hurkarls still die to El Dorado Eagles, not to mention that Goths cannot Wall off effectively (bad defenses), and Mayans have long lasting resources. Up to the Castle Age, Mayans have all the advantages over Goths, but will auto-lose in Imperial.

However, it is possible for a Mayans player to completely destroy Feudal and early Castle Goths, with their Archers, not to mention that the Mayans resources will always outlast the Goths resources.

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this is true, mayans basically have to cripple them before goths get to imp + elite huskarl + anarchy + perfusion.

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Bro… EW costs far far more than Huskarls and they take bonus damage from Huskarls… moreover, they are not a easy unit to be massed in terms of price and creation speed.

Goths can cripple Mayans in Dark age… With cheaper infantry and instant free loom…

Huskarls take more damage from them than other archers but they still counter them

Pure eagles is suicide, El dorado eagles I think tie with huskarls not beat them outright. Not to mention if he mixes in champs, the Eagles die like flies. 35-40 Elite Plumes in the back are a must. Coupled with Plume’s +2 bonus against huskarls and Eagles as meatshield, thats the only good way to beat Goths with mayans

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Well Mayan infantry has never ever worked at all against Goths, supplies or not so it’s not trouble. In AoC champs could be used against Goths even without supplies so Chinese, Cuman and Mongol should be fine as well.

If you’re like me, whose siege onagers only kill my army sure, but otherwise it should be manageable.

Mayan start with 4 villies and need to research loom first anyway so actually the Goths don’t really have an advantage other them, and they also have half price palissade walls to stall the militia rush so Mayan are actually among the best anti drush civs.