The great Inca balance debate get settled

Over the past several weeks, there have been many forum threads questioning the wisdom of removing the Inca villager blacksmith bonus in feudal age in the upcoming update. The purpose of this change was never communicated. Does the Product Manager just hate being tower rushed? :wink:

Some argued that this was eliminating the identity and key advantage of the civilization. The Inca’s have the weakest eagles and weak late-game economy bonus, and therefore would further suffer in late game losses if they can’t pressure their opponents in early game. Yet, others argued that the Incas are a better civ than most people realize, and losing reliance on tower rushes and safe villagers would cause players to discover a better way to play Incas.

Most people agreed that the Incas should at least gain something else in exchange for this nerf – but alas no.

So, here we are. The update is released and has nerfed Incas. Let’s all see what happens to the play rate and win rate. Place your bets…

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The devs hate tower rushes. They already nerfed all other tower rushs civs. Wasnt this clear to you?


I think play and winrate will only drop slightly for average ranked games.
However I think the pro tournament playrate will drop significantly.

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That’s a very sad change. Now I will no longer even attempt to try and get newcomers into the game. It was the only civ that noobs felt comfortable with.

As for playrate, I expect that it will go down, because the other two meso civs are just plain better.

the devs hate unraidable civs that are hard to punish, so they removed the extra armor for viallgers on incas where it relatively matters the most. in fedal age when units have low attack.

on the same thought they nerfed cuman palisade hp, since they dont want a full team just walling up because one teammember is cumans.

lastly they dont add town patrol free to byz as was asked many times on forum, because then byz see any raid from far aways making them unraidable again, with devs hate. they want action and aggresion.

At least give us an option to play older datasets. I don’t want to play the exact same strategy all day every day, as is what the game is heading towards.

Devs like offensive playstyle and fast fights.

My prediction is that incas will have to invest during feudal age to survive. And their lack of gold eco bonus is going to make their castle age meh and defensive. Meso civs are very gold dependant after all. Perhaps a couple of castle drops here and there if they have the chance. Then they’ll just have to pray they can survive until late or post imperial age where they usually show their potential.

Imo incas need a whole revamp…

devs aren’t the only ones - fans clearly do too - why do you think games like league of legends, fortnite, and others are insanely popular. you get right into the action - there is no 10 minutes of nothing going on.

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I never said it was a bad or unreasonable thing…
I even said incas need a revamp for that reason zZzZzZz.

got ya - but my point is, its not just the devs.

Then why nerf tower rushes and vil fights? Isn’t that getting right into the action?

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Except its imbalanced. On one side you have incan villagers with 4 attack and 2/3 armor thst even archers struggle to kill and On the other side you have 3 attack 1/2 armor villagers.
In villager on villager fights thst means incan villagers are dealing 3 damage and taking 1.