The history glitch

Hello guys
I have experienced an issue with the history section of the game
It’s nothing serious but the civilization name and and their history are switched somehow I don’t know why
For example the new roman civilization and the saracens histories are switched
I think this is because of the addition of the romans because the histories from A-P the last being Portuguese are completely fine
And for some reason the vikings are not after the Vietnamese although when you click the Vietnamese the history explains the viking
And the Vikings are thrown dead last after the Feudalism’s decline
I hope I explained the bug well because I wanted to read the history of the civilization and for everyone to do it without this bug


Hello @POTATAX8906
Are you using a text mod? I can’t reproduce the issue you comment here:

Thanks for your report :slight_smile:

Look at these photos
I am playing on xbox series x
And I have zero mods