The Holy Roman Empire Fan Club!

Welcome to the First Reich!


Praise be to you thine holiest lord and or lady! Welcome to the Holy Roman Empire fan club! Discuss your favorite things about the faction, such as: Culture, Build Orders, Units, Music, History, and more!

This is not a rant thread! If you wish to rant and rave about the HRE, please do so on this handy already-made thread: HRE - Uniqueness, mechanic and army rant. There is a lot of potential lying fallow

Please keep the thread on topic for the most part!

Personally one of my favorite things about the Holy Roman Empire is their Gothic style. Elegant and intimidating, it has made their architecture, weapons, and armor completely stand out from the rest. I especially love the Kasten Brust armor, it is a perfect example of early Gothic styled armor, and shows the effectiveness of slanting the surface to deflect attacks. Also Knights in skirts are just so cute heheh cough cough


Anyways, lets chat!

What Things Do You Like About The HRE?

  • Culture
  • History
  • Relic Mechanics
  • Play-style
  • Overall Theme
  • Prelates
  • Uniqueness & Mechanics
  • Civilization Music
  • Landmarks
  • Build Orders

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Can’t complain about the HRE, just wish more civs felt like them. China isn’t bad either.

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Yeah, I have always been drawn to the “slow” booming factions in any rts game. Getting raided is a pain, but make it to mid and late game its GG