The Holy Roman Empire should have a different Infantry in castle age

There should be a new/different Infantry unit in the castle age instead of Landsknechts, and the Landsknecht should be moved from castle to imperial to be more historically accurate and for balance purposes. Below is an image of what I think should replace the Landsknechts in castle age.


I see Teutonic Knight, I upvote.


I like it. Upvoting as well


Of course, like the Teutons of aoe 2, I would add the bohemian war cart as a gunpowder UU in imperial age next to the Landsknechts…

It would be nice to add the Teutonic Order as a playable civilization.

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I agree. Landsknechts are cool and advancing to the Renaissance time period is cool, but not in Castle Age. That takes away from the Medieval feel of the game by skipping forward that fast. I think it should be moved to Imperial. They should have something else in Castle. Obviously, Teutonic Knights have always been a fan favorite.

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I would love another special military unit who can fight for HRE. A strong cavalry unit would be very cool. Generally thete should be more unique units per civilization.

How did they even forget the Teutonic Knight? It’s like forgetting to give the Mongols horses.


But would such a slow infantry unit work in this game?

Just give it a ton of health and attack.

It would probably be slower than a ram, so it’d need some tough armor.

What would it counter?

Everything duh. It’s a Teutonic Knight.

If it’s too slow, in this game, it will not counter anything.

That’s true about ranged units I guess

Could just make them like they’d have been in real life—regular infantry speed, but also expensive & with a good training time.


It could be really cool if you had one landmark where you could train landsknecht and another one where you could train teutonic knights so you couldn’t mass both units.

What is up with all these necro threads on bad takes lately. Why would they give the HRE Teutonic Knights when the Teutonic Order was something completely separate?


Totally agre. Landsqueenet should go imperial.

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Yes, I think that the Teutonic Knight in feudal age,replacing the Man at Arms,the Landsknecht in the castle age and the Reiter/Ruyter in the imperial age for the HRE would not be bad at all…