The HP of this building is ridiculous

The hp that can reach the mountain monasteries is ridiculous when u make Ark of the Covenant, [Fortified Cities and send Gondarine Architecture. Literally is really difficult and annoying to try to destroy them with mortars. Thats one of the reasons why Ethiopia is broken in treaty this building buffs the hp of near units 10 %, and produces gold costing only 175 wood.


It only costs 150 wood.

Having to micromanage constructing 150 wood buildings every time you need 1,000 gold is awful. It’s really not broken. Especially when fully upgraded estates of the other civs have significantly higher gather rates. And when you factor in the lessened gold gather rate to make room for influence production the difference is even greater. The 10% bonus is nice I guess but other civs can just it via cards without microing. The only good thing is the LOS but I wouldn’t call it game breaking. It’s not like you can garrison in the monastery (which would be awesome). The HP doesn’t matter.


The issue is that they can be replenished so eaaily via wagons while they buff buildings HP (I guess it stacks with more monasteries)

They don’t stack and if you are referring to the Kingdom Builder Wagons they are 400 influence a piece.


On treaty they accumulate an insane quantity of influence as all they have to do is to train Riders and abuns. They dont spent that much influence

I use the influence to create cannons, there is never a surplus…

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Same HP as an unupgraded Town Center haha

Hail OGX

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That are limited to 3 and dont buff near units and dont heal them neither

I think it’s a normal building without any op abilities
It only has a good line of sight
No need to change its stats