The Ideal Gameplay of Mythical Age

I am glad to express my thoughts on the mythological version of this game on the official website.
The mythological era should be more favored by players than the imperial era. Because it incorporates magic. I have always wanted to join magic during the Empire era, but I have been restraining myself, which has led to my reluctance to use magic.
I think most people have played LOL and WAR3.
Say something I’ve never dared to say. Actually, the game I had hoped for before was WAR4, not Age of Empires 4.
Therefore, there is no doubt that many people expect Mythical Age 2 to replace WAR4.
I hope developers can watch more WAR3 competitions to get the development ideas for this type of game.
If WAR4 is to appear in the future, then WAR4 designers should watch more LOL or DOTA2 competitions.
Heroes in the game should look like LOL, super units in the game should look like WAR3, and regular units in the game should look like Age of Empires 4
WAR3 is an old game that is still more popular than the Age of Empires series.
Designers, you can extensively plagiarize WAR3. Microsoft has acquired Activision Blizzard.
God should have four powerful skills, and super units should also be able to release skills.
Gods and heroes should be able to equip weapons. They should be as flexible as LOL and DOTA2 to meet the player’s appetite for the game.
A faction should have many gods to meet the player’s selection and use, in order for the game to be durable.







游戏中的英雄应该 像LOL,游戏中的超级单位应该想WAR3,游戏中的普通单位应该像帝国时代4.






Summarize a few points that I find enjoyable about WAR3.
1: 1v1 whole unit combat (decisive battle), players with similar skills should not be able to determine victory or defeat before the battle. During the war, there will be a manifestation of both sides’ ability to control the battlefield. Similarly, in LOL, my sense of achievement in 1v1 single kill heroes cannot compare to my victory in team battles.
2: The army has many skills to satisfy my control over the battlefield.
3: The branches of the army can form a mutual coordination. A single branch may not be powerful, but multiple branches work together to form a powerful combat system.
4: Heroes have 4 skills, and the more important skills can complement each other.

3:部队中的兵种可以形成互相搭配。单个兵种也许不厉害,但多个兵种在互相配合后形成 强大的战斗体系。
4:英雄有 4个技能,而且更重要的技能之间能够形成互相补充。
In the picture, veteran players of war3 are also unable to determine whether the red side wins or the purple side wins

Please, do not turn AoMR into a MOBA. I have nothing against the genre, but giving multiple MOBA elements to an RTS is primarily the reason why Dawn of War III failed, among other reasons.

Giving multiple abilities to gods and heroes, and even items, is going way too far. Sole god powers and relics are more than enough, otherwise you’re just overcomplicating something that doesn’t need to be overcomplicated.

If you want a MOBA with mythology, then go play Smite. Please let Age of Mythology remain an RTS.


Dawn of War 3 cannot be compared to WAR3. WAR3 has magical immune units for all races, which prevents mages from killing troops on a large scale. Additionally, the game map of Dawn of War 3 is too close to MOBA, and I really don’t like this type of map. Because this simple and boring map makes the gameplay very stiff. WAR3 has a lot of unexpected gameplay. Please take a look at the WAR3 competition. WAR3 heroes have 4 skills and can equip weapons, but the game is still very balanced. I am still very surprised that the game mechanics of War3 are so exquisite.
《战争黎明3》无法和WAR3进行对比。WAR3各个种族都有魔法免疫单位,这使得法师无法大面积杀伤部队。另外,《战争黎明3》游戏地图太过接近MOBA,我非常不喜欢这种地图。因为这种简单枯燥的地图使 游戏玩法非常僵硬。WAR3里面有大量出乎意料的玩法。请看看WAR3比赛。WAR3英雄有4个技能,并且英雄能够装备武器,但游戏依然非常平衡。我现在依然非常惊讶,war3的游戏机制如此的精妙。