The implemented Grid is much worse than any mod used to be

Let me start by saying that I generally really like the idea of very popular mods, used for competetive play, being integrated into the game. It is a good chance to reach a lot of people and shows the devs interest in the competetive scene.

The way the grid has been implemented into DE is very bad in my opinion.
Let’s think about what the grid is for:

  • It needs to be visible enough, so you can see gaps in your walls etc.
  • It needs to be subtle, so it doesnt get in the way of anything you do while playing.

You might already see where this is going:

These grid lines are so intrusive, that they really get in the way, go look into any old mod like Alignment Grid for HD and you’ll see the lines being much more see through.

How to fix it: Add an opacity slider!


There you go:

You can also find it in game Main Menu > Mods

Thanks, I know this exists, but I thought I’d provide some feedback on the “official” grid.
What’s the point of adding something to the game, if it’s obsolete one day after release, because someone made a much better version.

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The point is probably for people to use the hotkey to toggle between no grid/white grid/dark grid.
And for that it makes sense to have the grid to be more “in your face”, since you only call it, when you really need it.
Though I dislike the triple-toggle and would rather toggle betwen either no grid/dark grid or no grid/white grid.

I totally agree, the standard grid is horrible and I don’t understand how the developers could accept it.

That said, the Zetnus mod has disappeared. Does anyone know why?

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Agreed. I don’t understand how things like this get past beta. Surely there was some feedback from testers?

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It didn’t work for me at all, so I told Zetnus in the Discord server.
Thus he might have noticed that it’s broken for himself as well and is pulling it down for maintenance?

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I’ve done nothing. The mod servers are probably down or something.


The mod didn’t seem to work for me either, unfortunately. Would be glad to see a working grid that is better than the integrated one.

Apparently it disappeared.

Someone else re-uploaded it and I’ll be doing the same as soon as possible

EDIT: They were flagged by an admin and are thus hidden.
Trying to figure out why.


Ok fair point, but then it’s badly executed because of what you said. Honestly I didn’t notice that there is such a hotkey, this makes it better.

In the end I’d still prefer it, if there was some sort of option to make it less opaque, even if only to switch on/off.

They were flagged by an admin and are thus hidden.

They were mad your mod was so much better ^^.

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I found this mod after I noticed the old one was not working, but this mod seems to do nothing


Something has gone wrong. Please try again later.


Edit: I replied without reading the rest of the posts, now I understand that the Zetnus mod was… well, it’s inaccessible to say in on some way.

Developers should make official grid thinner, so that players could keep on using toggleable grid instead of being forced to use permanent grid simply because it uses more reasonable line thickness.