The inca nerf, again

I am a main treaty Inca player (lvl 113). I know the developers wants to balance some aspects of the civ for supremacy, but this was way too much, 100 less food, kancha are worse and before you couldn’t reach 200 with only kancha houses, now is worse, chasqui can’t take treasures and you need a card, that was one of their special stuff, the incan war chief can’t even use their second ability in treaty because it hurts players lol.

I am leaving the game again, I did it when they broke Inca before their unique update, but now I’ll do it again.

This is the worst because a lot of hate and complaints against Inca is because the players don’t know how to counter their units, or because the devs don’t want to nerf the real game breakers like bolas, much like they did with Mexico destroying their eco but not nerfing Soldados.

Keep enjoying the game as you can, I can’t, Inca is the only civ that can’t make it to Imperial in 20 minutes with units, you have to choose between units of imperial.


I agree, it does seem way too much. 100 less food and kanchas giving less pop, it should be 1 of those not both.
With bolas warriors why were they nerfed vs infantry yet again AND cost increased, as I said before either of those changes would be fine but not both.

That being said I can live with all that but the worst change by far for me is just removing schooners, I understand there’s an age 2 card for faster training but they should have removed that instead if it was an issue being stacked with schooners, now with schooners removed inca will never be used on water.


and i can confirm the civ still too strong ( in sup ), concerning treaty im not sure the less food at the start affect smth tbh


I honestly don’t see any difference in inca late game.


This seems to be a treaty 20 issue, then again a lot of civs (for example Germany) are not as viable in tr20. Pretty sure inca can still get imp by ~18 min even though they get 100 less starting food.
The cards that were nerfed or changed weren’t even used in treaty and were mainly aimed towards supremacy and as Kevin said above, apparently were not enough of a nerf still there.


But thats happens with more civs, if you go imperial you need 8000resources plus 9000 to do it effective (6000 for eco ups and 3000 for a single unit upgrade), too much cost at the beggining. I main aztecs and I have to wait to age up after some battles (team games) playing defensively, then turn aggresive.

in fact the problem in sup its not the eco, its the fort and huaraca which are way too strong, thats all, huaraca need to be reworked cuz the unit is unkillable with 40 damage and too much range for ranged atk for an unit considered as anti cannon and anti building but 40 ( siege ) atk against musk for exemple or skirm i let you imagine, and the fort can garrison 50 unit ( lmao ) just obviously in sup you can’t break that fort with 50 units ( even 20 so ), thats why dev can nerf eco or kancha or the start or whatever it won’t change anything but huaraca and fort are invincible so the civ is unbeatable in sup, is just very simple


Don’t be so dramatic man.

Those changes are mostly designed to supremacy where Inca reigns supreme. It’s not easy tackling both modes perfectly: some changes will address a mode better than the other but that won’t kill a civ.

You’re telling me that because of -100 starting food and -1 pop space for Kamcha you are dropping the game? In a mode that you waste 20 minutes baking your town before doing the first attack? Really? After all those unfair buffs Inca received in their rework?

You’re complaining about Chasqui? Scouts just 0.25 slower than Hussars who will reveal you treasures faster, have a huge bonus vs guardians, are received for free every age, can build town centers & Tambos, can’t also pillage treasures now? Are you kidding me?


Yeah, incas are like flying roaches, you try to squash them and it takes forever to siege them. You basically need mortars or stuff to even have a chance at breaking their turtle.

The reason devs nerf economy is to prevent incas from turtling and getting amazing trades. Up until so far they basically were capable of turtling and trading very efficiently with you. I guess the devs want to keep the turtle aspect as the civ selling point but diminish their trading potential.

Other turtle civs can’t trade nearly as well as inca. Japan gets demolished by artillery, dutch is relatively short ranged etc.


The thing is Inca are designed to full turtle in Supremacy, those forts and bolas garrison are almost unbeatable in age 2. You’re forced to go age 3 and get some cannon, only to realize they get massacred by bolas too.

Inca defend so well that are able to boom as they’re eco is slow but safe. In the end you fail every attack vs them, and end being countered by heavier units.

they nerfed them because everyone was whining that Inca were OP. Which they weren’t