The inverse gbeto, new unit concept

This is an idea that can be crap, but i want to share it.

So, we have ranged units that do melee damage, like axe thrower, gbeto, mameluke.

What about melee units, with zero range, but that cause pierce damage? This unit would do almost nothing against siege rams, but would damage better other units with low pierce armor. Being a melee unit, should they be fast? Tanky? What uses could they have?

What would be the weapon they use? A whip?


Military picks or rapier type swords. I think military pick would be best. It would look super unique. It could be a special European unit like the steppe lancer. I would give it good speed maybe 1/1 armor and 5 attack moving to 2/2 armor and10 attack for elite with a movement boost as well.

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