The Lakota - specifically, the Tokala Soldier and the Dog Soldier

You’re amazing, dev people.

You listened. Thank you.

Now all that remains? Fix their model. If you want to use the Kit Fox Warrior Society, fine by me, but fix the model in-game so they aren’t using the Cheyenne Dog Soldier warbonnet anymore.

What kind of warbonnet? I’d suggest the long-AF draping warbonnet, with two rows of white feathers that meet over the head in a crown. The Kit Fox largely used lances as well, so you don’t even have to change that part.

Please don’t leave the Cheyenne warbonnet on them, though, and please give the Cheyenne Riders a rehaul as the Dog Soldier. Dog Soldiers were an extremely proud and respected Cheyenne warrior society - let the Cheyenne in-game have this.

EDIT: On a related note, is there a chance that y’all will take the time to edit flaws in unit models in small patches over the next year or so? I see a lot of things pointed out, like the Polish Winged Hussars lacking… well, wings, or this matter with the (now) Tokala Soldier wearing the wrong warbonnet.


You are a good advisor on these issues.

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That is because I am Lakota. I am Native. And very well researched on my own people, from… y’know, growing up Native.

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en mi caso igual me gustaría que el modelo de los guerrilleros prusianos se pareciera al uniforme alemán con el pickelhaube, pero son delirios míos nada mas jsjs ya que no se si me tomen enserio si pido cosas así (con respecto a usted, bueno… esta bien :3 no tengo muchas palabras la verdad solo decía lo primero que se me venia a la cabeza… por favor ayuda…