The last challenge of the Mongol Conquest cannot be completed

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Here is the problem I’m experiencing… I have played several times the last challenge (Advance to the Feudal Age in under 12 minutes as The Mongols). The challenge appears to be simple, I have advanced to the Feudal Age in less than 12 minutes and won the game. Still, I am not getting the reward and the challenge is still on… so is not complete.

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AFAIK, you dont have to win the game.

Some questions:

  1. Did you already finish all earlier challenges? You know you can only do one challenge each day. It takes 24h to make the next one available.
  2. Did you click on going to Feudal age in 12 minutes or did you reach feudal age in 12 minutes? The goal is the last one.

Thank you for the reply.

  1. Yes (I finished all earlier challenges).
  2. I reached the Feudal Age in about 7 minutes.

Check if you have ‘cheat’ enabled on starting setting.

Use infinite resource on single player starting dark age to go almost immediately feudal.


Thank you! This was really helpful.
I usually play disabling cheats. Now I enabled it and it worked.
All the best!