The "Learn" tab could use some improvement

If you want to compare factions then you need to scroll up and change and then go down again, just let the faction description and the top bar follow along as you scroll down. Even with the collapse feature it becomes tedious in seconds when you want to compare more than 2 factions in a certain area. If you want to compare everything then the feature is worthless in its current state.


A compare feature would be really nice ! I don’t know about a “compare all” as I feel 8+ Civs on a compare page might be a bit overwhelming and/or confusing for new(er) players. They definitely should have a 2 or 3 Civ compare option though !

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I meant more that it should be easy to change civ while staying at the same place in the menu, so that it’s easy to compare them all. If you wanted to do that now you’d need to look at an area, scoll up, change faction, scroll down and then look at what’s different, and repeat that X amounts of time. Seems like it’d be simple to have the button follow you so you can change faction on the fly.