The Loading Times to long even with SSD

I like that Game but the Loading times are a bit to long in my Taste.
Even on SSD … I checked my SSDs and the Results are Perfectly…i hope they will Improve them with an Update

I believe it’s because this game is heavily single threaded. That being said, I’m on a Corsair P5 1TB nVMe M2 SSD and pretty much everything loads in less than 10s.

That’s with 5600x locked at 4.4GHz.

I guess it depends on what you see as too long. It could be faster, yes, but I wouldn’t say the game has slow loading times.

You are Using an NVME that could the Solution that your Loading Times not that long.
Iam Using an 3700X , 32 GB and 2x 2TB Cruical MX500.
Well the Loading times can be “i guess” 20-30 Seconds…and when it is saving while a Mission it takes a few Seconds to…they should iprove that…The Game seems not well optimized