The lobby need to be better

The lobby need to be better

  • It should remember our last filters
  • We should be able to hide full room
  • Options to hide columns to see better the room name
  • Display the number of people inside the room + the number trying to go inside because when we see a game with 6 persons, you will have error 14 if there is already two persons trying to go inside.
  • With xbox version of the game, a way to host as steam user. Because xbox user allow crossplateforme to see more than 2 games but steam user don’t always do it because they don’t know they miss some games. When you host with xbox, if you don’t host popular game as CBA you will have difficulties to fill your room.
  • Display somewhere the total game play by a user and not only the number of rank game

Perhaps make multi lobby in a webapps inside aoe2 to avoid all issue due to the ancestral game code.


It would be useful add a column with the room’s average Elo?

Could be added a practical ELO filter for custom lobby


Warcraft 3’s lobby is marginally better, if only because the lobby auto-updates when people join. I wish AoE2’s lobbies auto-updated with people joining etcetera. Would save some time by not having to join and wait for it to load only to tell you ‘soz, lobby filled’, by which time someone could’ve already left and a new player joined.

It also bumps you back to the start of the lobby, so you’d also have to scroll down in some cases.

Would also be nice if it let you filter more conveniently, iirc right now you can’t filter by someone’s name.

However, the lobby ID is nice and I’ve seen it used in Discords with bots formatting (or AoE2 net) for more convenient joining. It’s sort of sad that if you want to join a particular map or something, aoe2 net has a way better UI and lobby system for that. It should be something in the game, not reliant on third-party websites (especially with how awful aoe2 net’s message board on the right is. Joys of unmoderated chat, I guess.)

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