The Madrasa tech is basically useless. Ideas to replace

They should switch the effect from monks to camel units specifically to camel riders and mamelukes. So camel units will give 20% of their gold cost back if they die. (33% would to op I think)
Camel rider gives 12g back.
Mameluke gives 17g back.
So it will be more attractive for the saracen player to go for their sick UU.
Yeah this bonus will affect the lategame of saracens which is already really good but you need gold to sustain and create their gold heavy power units.


i think that would be incredibly overpowered, especially for a castle age tech.


ITS NOT USELESS its very cheap and yes it only works when you make monks obviously, but its a very good tech considering their low cost:
200 food 100 gold.


Sarracens camel riders are already top 2 or top 3 best camels so there is no need to buff them. Saracens have got already buffs in DE with their siege arbalest. Saracens don’t need any buff.


And mameluke elite upgrade is probably the cheapest elite upgrade in game:
600 fopd and 500 gold.
So you can switch to mamelukes pretty easy when you hit imperial.
I really don’t understand the reason why you want to make sarracens better. I think they are pretty well balanced in land and very good on water aswell.

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If we’re going to keep the name madrasah, it should stay about monks. I think something like +1 monks or monks generating a trickle of gold. Or just leave it alone as one of those useless or impractical UTs most civs have

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They also cost 85 gold for one of the most unorthodox units

Altough switching mamelukes is easy. I agree that they are too expensive. Losing 2 mamelukes is like way worst than losing an onager 11.

But they are not that weak though. If you want to make them cheaper then you would need to make them less powerfull.

It would not be a bad idea to make a thread about mamelukes suggestions. Although I am not really a fan of buffing mamelukes, it would be fine to see them more often.

Maybe is not useless, but very situational.
To return it own cost in gold, you have to lose 3 monks. And you can create new monk for free after losing another 3 monks.
So this is not very good situation.
Is helpful, for example during tech-swich when you dont need your monks for now, but is still limited use.
Better will be simply lowering Monk cost. Like 25%. This wiil have immediet effect, and will be very helpfull when you go full monks. Even building a Castle only for this tech will be good.
Of course, if it will be OP, can be change. And for compensation, Saracen Monks can lose Sanctity.


Monk discount is the way to go I think to improve the tech. Getting a benefit from playing bad seems counterintuitive. Saracens are famous for their monk rush so I’d let them having full monastery techs.

I would like to add an extra effect to it that relic generates gold faster by +50% or even +100%.
I think this will fit its religious feature and may not make it too powerful.

I respect your idea but +50% would be op in my opinion. Maybe 20% sound good to me, considering that the tech is obviously going to increase its cost.
That would make sarracens have more available mamelukes at imperial age, since you will have generated more free gold.

But then again: do sarracens really need a buff?

If you want to buff sarrences at some point, I think you also need to nerf them at other point.
So maybe reducing the market benefits? Or - 2 infantry armor.

It is not about buffing. It is about fixing an useless tech.
Even adjust the effects by +50% one from my suggestion or +20% one from your suggestion, basically no influence the balance too much. You still need to collect relics first if you want the benefit. Spamming the monk and constructing a castle are still hard to do in the same time.
If we are talking about the balance, the points should put between the foot archers, camels and Mamelukes.

I also find it pretty useless unless when going for a monk rush which rather is a meme strategy. For regular play I don’t see what that contributes. Planning on losing a lot of monks does not sound like a good strategy even if the UT is cheap.

It is about buffing you like that word or not becouse you are improving the sarracen civ by improving its techs.

If you guys want to make the madrasa a more expensive and better tech, then something about sarracens should be removed just to keep them being a balanced civ. Perhaps remove siege onager, or pikemen.
You can’t just buff a civ that is already pretty well balanced just like that. Try to be more carefull about your desires.

Even If I agree that the tech is very situational, I like sarracens as they are now in DE.

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Honestly rather than focusing on this, how about replacing the current Huns Imperial Age unique tech because it happens to be the most useless unique tech in the game. The Madrash tech doesn’t need to be replaced by a unique tech that does something to the Camel units because we already have that the case for the Saracens.

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Another way to improve the tech would be to make it cost only food and wood (maybe increased a bit to compensate), so replacing the gold cost, that way it could pay off since you lose the first monk.

Tbh I think it was only designed for the last Attila scenario 11

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Oh yeah it is designed for that. So we may not change it but we should still rename it because the current name doesn’t make any sense since the Huns did practiced some forms of religion.