The Making of Age of Empires III: The problems from origin

Seems like the developers might include American Civil War and of course make US as full civ in the game back in 2005?
One of this game’s original biggest BUG is the developers wants to focus on Voyages of Christopher Columbus and Spanish Conquer America, French/British colonization of the Americas etc.
But they also want to bring the others European super powers at same age WITHOUT EUROPEAN MAPS, this just make everything became CONFUSION since the game has launched. (Like using Napoleon as French contents a person who never went to America, Ottoman Empire the Islamic Empire that never has colonies in America)
That’s why I always said this game need to REMAKE from zero, or AOE5 should based on the same period as AOE3.
I really appreciate the developers release Knight of Mediterranean, THANKS GOD everything about Europe finally become sensible, and US finally became full civ as original plan~~~
Well done, developers!
I’m patient to waiting the ASIA REWORK, keep up the good work!!!



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I think it is clear that the release of AOE3 was a trimmed version of a much broader concept. There are traces and remnants of that. Then all following updates before KoTM had to go down the same path.

Or maybe they centered on the Americas to justify the design of home cities (“sending shipments from your home country to your colony”) but it turns out there is no need to limit the scope of the game for the sake of justifying a very natural game design. Has anyone every questioned why you need to start with a Town Center and a few villagers for every battle, or why units directly pop out from buildings?

Tbh they should have stuck with the americas and the civs there. So basically vanilla civs except otto and germans plus the native civs and indians.

Tbh they should stuck to the demo with only 2 civs and 2 maps.


I think it actually works fine now.

It actually more sense, even when playing Euro maps with Euro civs - more so than aoe2. You’re building a new settlement/factory(in the trading sense)/military encampment and your capital is sending on supplies.