The Malians

Hello there,

I’m super excited that we are finally getting two new civilizations and for free as well! However that being said, I can’t help but being a bit worried if the Malians will be too strong? I mean they do have stealthed units, landmark that provides stealth for all nearby infantry units as well as infinitve gold without the need for any villiagers to obtain it and last but not least poison arrows.

On paper this sounds extremely powerful so time will tell how it’ll all play out, but is anyone else a bit worried that they will be too strong and change the game-play too much as the only “normal” unit is the archer and the rest are unique units compared to the other civilizations?

What are your thoughts?

I’m not afraid, they can’t sustain long battle due to units without armor. In early game they can be very strong… In late I’m not so confident

But for example they haven’t mentioned anything yet regarding a counter to their stealth mechanic? Will Outposts be able to see them nearby them or scouts?

We have to see how it is implemented.
I really dislike this mechanic where units simply turn invisible anywhere on the map, kinda breaks the game immersion for me as well as creates a whole new set of balance issues in the game, but i guess they cant just have the civ relying on stealth forests.
If they copy that from aoe3 the scouts and outposts will definitely see them, in fact this shiuld be the appropriate counterplay.

Also the javelin thrower is implied to be a replacement for crossbow which means it probably counters armored units as well as ranged units and this could be problematic too as it means the only counter to that unit will be the horseman which will melt quickly to the donzo, leaving mass mangonels as the only option to counter them

Yes I’ve the same worries and thoughts like you and I know they are trying to create this “hunter warrior hunting it’s prey” vibe but just have a worry that stealthed units have no place in AoE game and it feels more like a Starcraft game now.

It all depends how the counter works and how often/when they can go into stealth etc. I hope it’s an ability they can activate and it allows them to be stealthed for 6-15 seconds and then they go out from it and then there is a cooldown before it can be done again.

We still lack a lot of clarity around this civilization so hope we get more prior to them going live in the game.

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im not worried , im hyped , finally a civ with unique roster of units . Great step in the great direction.

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How do you think the stealthed units will be countered?

We don’t know any of the stats or details for units, buildings, or unique techs…

So it’s impossible to tell how they look “on paper” even.

theres always a catch , maybe their stealth is lost if a building is set near of them like in aoe3 or maybe their stealth ability is just temporary .

Or they can be countered by scouts…

We already know the stealth ability is temporary. It says so on their official page.