The map copy tool needs desperate improvement

As of right now, in the scenario editor, there is a map copying tool. It’s helpful, but it really needs some improving. The reason? As soon as your area to copy goes above a certain size, it becomes impossible to accurately paste your selection, due to how you see the middle of the copy area. My solution? The map copy point of focus is always the origin point of what you copied from. For example, if you copy a 5x5 area, starting at the top edge and dragging down, the pasting option would have the upper edge in your field of view, and possibly even have an axis line highlighting the edge of origin. This solves the problem, because it makes it easy to align the copy selection area, allowing for accurate and efficient copies, without randomly copying stuff to the wrong place. What do people think?

Screw this. The only thing the scenario editor needs is access to a turing complete, able to modify itself and the environment, programming language.

This way we can create all the external tools we want for map scripting, scenarios, everything really, without having to copy paste the same trigger 747274^18 times by clicking with the mouse.

I find it ridiculous this still isn’t implemented, or at least I’m not aware of it.

You mean scenario parser?

The scenario parser already exists. AoE2ScenarioParser/ at master · KSneijders/AoE2ScenarioParser · GitHub

Well, thanks a lot, now I have no reasons not to do the things I wanted with it.