The matchmaking have too much maps

Currently, ranked 1v1 matches have 7 maps, of which 3 can be banned. Additionally, 5 of them rotate periodically. This causes some problems for the average player, such as the difficulty of adapting, as they do not have enough time to learn to play the different maps, which leads to uncomfortable or asymmetrical matches. Additionally, the value of maps works in a similar way to the law of supply and demand: the more maps there are, the less important they will be to players, who will only focus on their favorite (usually Arabia or Arena), considering the rest just a filler. To solve this problem, would be more convenient a system with 3 maps and 1 ban (Arabia, Arena and the third in rotation)

100% disagree. Most would prefer if there were more maps.

Variation is the spice of life.


No, I don’t think anybody wants this. We need more like 20 maps and more bans.

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