The Meadow Random Map

This random map looks better than Arabia since it seems impossible to wall. So with that in mind, do we need any more ridiculous wall nerfs when we have open maps like this? You can win the game very early on this map with a simple scout rush and it’s game over.

Not my idea of fun. But there you go. A super open map.

and no one can experience it because multiplayer is broken

Many of the RBW maps that are added to the game and are in the EW map pool are great additions to the game. Not only for EW, but also for RM too.

Early aggression doesnt mean games end early. It means action from the start. That is something different.

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The moment you lose one villager when your woodline is under attack. It basically game over. You can never recover. And if you no army to counter it.

No, this isnt true at all. You are behind, but you can still come back. It is far from over.

90% of the time, the rusher wins. Whoever rushes first nearly always wins.

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Dude, defence implies to train some counter units or at least do your own scouts… not only walls…

While this might be true for true LELs, it isnt true for anyone else.

Looks like you want to see my cute strawman picture again don’t you?

I want to see it. :grinning: