The moment when a age 3 German (1400 elo normally) cant win against a age 2 troop Japan

I played Age of Empires 3 for now quite some time and a few nations got in my mind even better then in the old game. One of them is Japan. I play a lot of ranked and 50% of the games i play against Japan and normally I do well, because the most Japan players i played against yet just didnt know how to micro, but now it comes, I played a game against Japan and I cleaned him 2 times, tried to destroy most of his shrines, but it still wasn:t enough. Its not the first time, I cleaned them many times, but normally they would surrender. But in that particulary match, i wasn’t able to get in his base, cuz for some reason he got masses and masses of troops in just a few minutes after a very bad fight for him, he lost most of his troops. Because i wasn’t able to enter his base, I tried to continue destroying shrines, but he just built them behind me up again. I went in age 3 and went on skirms and war wagons. After i saw he also aged, I immediatly attacked him. He fought the fight with age 2 troops and cleaned my whole army with Yumis and some ashis to kill my Ulans. I microed quite well and didnt just ran into his ashis with the ulans. at the beggining the fight looked quite good for me, but when all his Yumis attacked me, it turned. I also had quite a mass of skirms and also some useless age2 troops. So we basically had kind of equal numbers. He wasted all his ashis and at the end it was a age3 Skirm vs a age2 Yumi battle, but I still lost. I could have went on arty but I thought i need to be fast, because falks against flamethrowers is also not good for me and of course his vet units would destroy me completly. After that fight I wasn’t able to mass troops again like him and lost the game.

Now to my questions:
-What should I have done besides attacking him directly as germany?
-How is it possible that he just simply can built infinite shrines and doesn’t care about loosing them?

I really hope there will be a big Japan nerf, because something went wrong when age 2 bowman have a chance against age 3 skirms. Also the ashis are faster then a setler, imagine having a heavy infantry unit, faster then skirms and even setlers.
Also i find it horrible, that japanplayers can build shrines for just 75 wood and that theres a big button, that shrines produce 300% more resourses.
Overall, Japan is at the moment, the strongest civ in aoe3, because they dont really care about loosing stuff.

I hope someone can help me and pls devs, nerf japan and also check out civs like Inca and Dutch. I don’t know from who u get helped in aoe to balance the civs, probably top 100 players, but pls also ask lower elo players, because the ranked game is totally different and it’s destroying the fun to play only against japan, dutch and incas.

Thanks for helping me! (Post1)

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Well, with Germany what I can recommend is that you start with an initial push and get the economy. The ideal order is 3 Settler Wagon, 700 wood and 700 gold.
Improve your market, distribute your villagers between food and wood, take out pikemen and xbows, and this is where people make the mistake against Japan, or attack their shrines, or attack their base, the secret to defeat Japan, is to attack their base as you besiege their shrines, kill villagers, and force them into saves in the TC, while taking advantage of the pikemen’s siege to tear down the shrines. With this he will not reach, but the idea is to annoy him, go up to age 3 when you can, and start mixing Uhlans with Skirms. Keep attacking their base and besieging shrines at all times, but don’t be too aggressive! If you lose everything fighting in the Japanese base or you have a very bad exchange, you are going to be in trouble, their units are very strong. Go taking map control, this is very important, because with Germany you consume a lot of gold mines and incidentally you are going to deny herds of animals for shrines, no Jap is so stupid to build their shrines under a tower (?. With him time, if you did things well, you will surpass him in economy and you will defeat him.


Without seeing the replay we can only guess.

But as Germany you normally want to avoid age2 direct fights. You may harass with uhlans but you should not push in age2. His age2 army is fully featured, while yours will lack a few unit types in age 2 (particularly musketeers).

In age3, if you want to finish him off, cannons are your best bet. If he turtles in base, go age4 and mortars will force him out.

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I tried to do a semi FF with a pike-Xbow combo in the second age to destroy the shrines and also to hold him small, but it’s not that easy when u fight against heavy inf, which is faster then light inf, thanks for your help! :smiley:

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If you ever check idle vil count after a 1v1 with japan you will see why they are ridiculous. In addition to all the other advantages they have in units and heros they will have a near flat line for idle villagers. They have near 100percent economy all the time. Even when you force the bills into the tc their econ hardly stops.

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