The Mongols is not cavalry civ at all

So I have been playing the Mongols since completing and mastering all the campaigns. I noticed that when I go for horse archer or cavalry, I would fail more than going for infantry which is really sad. This civ should be focused on cavalry than any other civilization. Historically the Mongols never brought infantries. They would let the engineers, infantries, medics, etc ride a horse so they will not slow down the army and can keep the pace. Therefore, please make the Mongols more of a cavalry civilisation.

Right now I am just going for infantry as the Mongols. And they have the fastest infantry (when you build outposts and mobile barracks move fast when upgraded the stone bonus mobility thing xD) and they are so cheap too and deal a lot of damage to buildings. So there is really no reason to go for Mangudai as my spearmen do the job much better than any horsemen.

Moreover, infantries can build a siege engines. So training Cavs is like a waste of time. Mixing with men at arms and spearmen is so OP for the Mongols. Just rush to enemy TC and win (note: I don’t rush with the Mongol TC as it is a noobslayer tactic) xD.


I agree with your post.
Having Dark Age Horseman is nice, but no direct tech besides the stone boosted +30% Horse HP research in lategame makes it feel a bit dull to actually use cav. Maybe they could give them another Unique Unit like the steppe lancers from AoE2 as a lightcav replacement or as an extra unit?

After all their current Lancer is just a knight under a different name.

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I agree.
If they really do that, I’m glad to accept nerfing infantries xD

I think increasing either the damage or range on mangudai would be helpful since honestly, they are not as good early and are better in late game. But even then siege will still wipe them out because Mongol cav is pretty frail. The horseman I think is ok since it goes from earl → norm → vet → elite. I also think giving back Mongol early Lancer will be helpful as well.

Mongol feel so weak using early cav right now its insane. They need to put back the early lancers, they could lower their stats a bit and make them stronger once Elite.

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Agreed, feel like you just have to run away from pretty much every fight. Weird considering they are supposed to be a Cav civ… Just make the units much quicker to train and like half price - cav civ created.

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