The Mongols should not excel as infantry civ!

The issue is that the Mongols can be played as infantry or cavalry. And they have the cheapest infantry due to “Ovoo” and the fastest movement speed for it due to “Yam Network”.

Now looking at this issue you can clearly see how it does not correlate with the Mongol civilisation.

The civ excels at mobile nomadic structures, aggression, and cavalry.
Here it does not mention infantry. Yet the Mongols have the cheapest and strongest infantry with unique abilities and upgrades. Why?

  • Ovoo allows infantries (all foot troops) to be 2x trained using stone.
    It should not allow infantries to be 2x trained.
  • The Mongol infantries have unique upgrades that allow them to build most sieges except cannons and 30% attack and hitpoints unique upgrade.
    As a result, the Mongols are the best infantry civ due to speed and low cost. This is why the Mongols are owning the game from the start. Infantries are dirt cheap and too strong for their opponents from the early game.

And sadly, The Mongols have the weakest cavalry in the game. The only unique upgrade is 30% hitpoints which are hardly done in any competitive plays like 90% of pros would never make cavalry as the Mongols…

I have written it earlier as no one is noticing the issue of this civ (including the pros)
The “Yam Network” and “Ovoo” need to focus on cavalry, not infantry.

For example, Yam would give extra bonus speed to mounted units only (which would include traders) and Ovoo would allow only mounted units to be 2x trained.

And for that big nerf the Mongols need some kind of unique upgrade for its cavalry.
30% of hitpoint’s unique upgrade is too expensive and costs too much stone to be researched.

These are my thoughts to correct the issue.