The monk AI is the worst

So, just want to point out that the monk unit AI is the absolute worst. You move an injured unit near them, and it takes like… 5 seconds for them to realize a unit needs healing. And then only 1 monk out of a group of 10 or so actually heals.

Oh but wait, it gets better. Then after 10 seconds or so, the monks realize oh hey we need to heal the unit! And then they start to follow the unit, and they break formation. So, your running around your conquistadors or cavalry archers or whatever, and the monks run after them. But your busy microing vs a mangonel, thats threatening your units, and the monks run right into the mangonel shot!

Its hilarious how badly coded they are. And you know what is even more hilarious? The community will jump to the defense of the poorly coded ■■■■■■ AI, and will say that its the best it can possibly be! It can not be improved upon at all. Period! Wheeeeee!

If a suggestion is made to give monks the “stand ground” stance button, I predict a wild user will appear and attempt to give arguments of why its good for monks to follow injured units and for the player to have minimal agency outside of their immediate mouse clicks. Or for that matter, why its good for monks to delay healing for 5-10 seconds. xD

Age 2? Age 4? This is the AOE3 forum.


Not sure it will help your rage about this topic, but I’ll give it a shot at reminding you that this game is a simulation that runs primarily on certain basic behavioral rules. For example: A military unit in aggressive stance will perpetually engage, even against all odds. Following? I bet you do, since you appear to be a smart guy.

So monks have a similar set of behavioral rules. I am not a dev, but most likely one of those behavioral rules is to attempt to heal any unit that needs it. There is nothing wrong with this, except maybe for the fact that you don’t like it because if you compare them to military units, you can at least limit their suicidal behavior using the defensive stance, or the stand ground stance, which is not available for monks.

So basically what I’m saying: This is the result of the simulation. You can input your own skill and APM into it to gain an advantage over your opponent, pretty much the same as when you micro archers. Their behavioral rules say they stand the ground and shoot without walking until the target goes out of range, at which point they start moving. To gain an advantage, players micro by shooting and chasing, shooting again, chasing again, etc. The game is not meant to solve your every need. Is a simulation with basic rules that run it. Now you play it.