The mouse pointer is too small in the game!

I have a problem that makes me very sad.I used 15.6 Screen Laptop,3840x2160,and I use 1920x1080 resolution to play games.The mouse pointer is too small in the game!!!Sometimes I can’t even see where it is.Please solve this problem, I don’t know how to send pictures in the forum.

There is an option for a smaller mouse cursor in the menu. Can you check if that is activated?


Thank you for reminding me that I found it!

thank you very much !

In a world where DE is geared towards esports, all default settings should be the best for competitive play.

It’s beyond ridiculous that right now the user needs to tick off 20 settings to make it work. (And a lot of people don’t which gives me a terrible experience on twitch)

I can’t believe how the devs did almost everything to make this game less clear.

I don’t think this is a problem with AOE2, but with all the games in the world. Few people can clearly understand whether an option should be turned on, such as shadows and water ripple rendering. Unfortunately, no game system can accurately set up the automation. I don’t know what method to solve this problem in the future, maybe AI? @ PacificWheel208

This is why competent devs should have a strong vision for the game, and adjust the default settings according to what is important for the RTS game genre. Clear visibility.
It should not be left upto the user to find those optimised settings. People that want bells and whistles can turn them on themselves.

Most of people play on smaller resolutions, like 1920X1080 and on these resolutions the smaller mouse cursor is perfect. Making bigger mouse cursor default would not make sense when it is optimal for minority of users. Everyone needs to go through options themselves to set options accordingly to personal preferences and hardware.


Hey I am Playing on a 4k display with 100 % Scaling in Windows - Even the normal Curser is still wayyy to small, would prefer a slider here. Info it is a 55 Inch LG C9 TV I use as monitor. Even if this is not now a common szenario, I think it should still be adressed, even for 30 inch monitors.

PS: If you don’t find the mouse curser it is right next to the Small Curser (Kleiner Cursor) Checkbox.

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I’ve found it, thank you