The native treaty card gives too many African units

Yoruba Ally: Gives 4 Legionary, each of which costs 90f90w —totally 720 resources
Berber Ally: Gives 3 Camel, each of which costs 120f60g —totally 540 resources
Akan Ally: Gives 4 Akan musk, each of which costs 75f40g —totally 460 resources
Sudanese Ally: Gives 4 Dervish, each of which costs 50f40w ----totally 360 resources

Do you think its too uneven? Basically this cards should give units costing 400-500 resources per Native Ally, such as 4 Ratten Shield (440 resources), 3 Conquistador (465 resources), 4 Cree Tracker (480 resources). The 2 Sufi Elephant (560 resources) has been a big outlier. But 4 Yoruba Legionary…

Not to mention that African Native units are much more powerful than indian and asian native units. Maybe 360 resource is a proper amount for them.