The Need of a Lock Mode for Artillery

Like other games that have a lock mode for some units, artillery in this game needs that mode.

I hate every time you send them to attack units that are not too far in range and they get into limber mode automatically. Since the last patch, you can’t cancel the action so they have to disarm and arm again in order to attack which is so FRUSTRATING, any time artillery units do that get surely killed.

This is a problem with culverins and falconets. Here I illustrated the idea, so they remain in the same position until you change it. As extra you can even add a prioritize button.


Very well!. Excellent!. I like everything you are suggesting, especially about prioritizing units. I also suggested a ‘hold position’ command. And I also suggested prioritizing units, but in general, not only for artillery.


This guy deserves a medal!
Nice suggestion, would love to see it come true :grin:


YES! everything is great, the lock mode would be a great feature, although i think that the change since last patch should be reverted, i think is a bug or something but i don´t know if it´s intended, because yes, it starts to pack and is gg hahah and also the prioritize think would be awesome too, cause i always felt that artillery, specially in treaty, is kinda dumb xd you leave them unattended for 1 sec, and 80% of their shots went to a random house or something xd and i do think and like that units need to be microed to perform better, and i would like that this remains a thing, but for artillery is needed and still it doesn´t mean you won´t have to micro them, it just means they are not going to be 2% useful in battles while you are doing other things :slight_smile:

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This is supposedly fixed by the current patch.

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i think lock could be a good idea (but id like it to be global, so once artillery unlimbers it only limbers up if i ask it too) i dont think “prioritize” is a good idea though, its part of micro to select the right targets with the right units.

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