The Need of a Online Matchmaking Button for Casual Games

It will be much faster to get a game by autoselecting matches, a little as is done with Ranked. Maybe even a “Search my Level” button can be added. SC2 it’s a pretty good example for QuickSearch in Casual.

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Why not just play Ranked? What’s the point of splitting players into multiple queues for the same thing?


Hopefully so, I am 1300-1400 elo, they pass me expelled from the rooms, I am sick of the truth, I enter many rooms that expel me just because they do not like to play against someone who has better elo than them, the players are very whiny In the room, they impose things sometimes, I’m hardly even playing because playing with ramdoms is very annoying, I’m playing more with friends, at least that way I make sure I play against someone. I only want to play but unfortunately I need the approval of a host to be able to play, so it would be much faster to find a game

I mean idk what hosts you’re joining but if you’re actively playing ranked games without crashing, going afk during queue then discovering you lost a game or running into hackers while ending up with that rating and the host is someone who doesn’t actively play ranked games then chances are they would rather not play against someone who is that low unless they explicitly say you’re too high rated which I’d honestly be surprised by as it’s far more common for someone to be kicked for being too low rather than too high. Also the game doesn’t really use elo, it’s pretty much their own formula they’re using which keeps eternally inflating the ratings due to how rating is gained and lost in team games although the game got updated according to this quote so the pace of inflation will slow down. “Players’ initial rankings for a new leaderboard, assigned after playing the first match of that leaderboard type, are no longer seeded from their rankings on other leaderboards. This is a global change to the way Relic Link servers assign initial rankings.”

For example, I’ve seen players create like 5 rooms for 3v3 all players split in different rooms already. So why not insta join a 3v3 game. And make the game split players in teams according their skill and streak of games won.

this makes sense from certain perspective, if you want either, play a civ you don’t normally do or just messing around, the convenience of matchmaking without the rank loss, although I would preffer just to find you a match regardless of rank to make things quicker, you find play against people of all ranks on browse for matches anyways

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True that, there are a lot of custom stuff you can do in a casual match instead of a ranked one, besides choosing colors hahah.

Sometimes you want to try a new deck or civ but not ruin your score (That you fought REAL hard to make 51%).

your suggestion would kill off custom games because people will be stuck wanting to do the same thing without trying something new like diplomacy