The need of Turks civ

If you make a camel with Turk against Gurjara, you will suffer a heavy defeat. Because Gurjara camels have bonus attack which makes it very strong. Also, the production is faster. At the end of the game, when cheap press and defensive armors are added, Turk cannot respond against Gurjara.

As for the Italian part, the Italians are the anti-gunpowder civ and the Turks are the gunpowder civ. Another power of the Turks is their mounted archers and light cavalry, but the Italians break all the power of the Turks with their fortress soldiers. Strong archers and pikemans will also help. Keep it like this, whatever the Turk does, there is an anti-Italian answer, but this is not valid for the Turks.

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I mean here, imagine you are fighting against Tatar hussars. They will take you one-on-one, they don’t need it, even if the barracks units are weak, they will cut your raid with halberdier. However, the Turk will not be able to cut a spearmen hussar no matter how full his blacksmith is. This applies to all powerful hussar breeds. Lithuanians, Poles(winged hussars); Hungarians (cheap + Fortress soldier), Huns (coming fast), Cumans (coming fast and running), Mongols (more hp), Bulgarians (shooting fast) all of them are stronger than the Turks and many more… In addition, all these civs have pikeman and halberdier. They don’t have to fight hussars head-on.

Sipahi could affect all gold cavalry, that’s a nice idea.

Turks have a lot of different lategame tools Tatars don’t have. Turks are by no means a bad lategame civ, right the opposite actually. If you compare the lategames of the two civs, I actually think it’s the Tatars that might receive a buff there, not Turks. But even Tatars lategame isn’t necesarily “bad”. I think it’s actually quite good.

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I actually think Turks have an advantage over Italians in that matchup. In late game, Sipahi HCA is more pop-efficient unit than Genoese cross bow and it win against them in 1v1. Also Condo is only available after imp and Janissary is castle age unit. Italians don’t have any particularly good answer vs Janissary in castle age.

Turks have enough other powerful late game option than those civs. Maybe only Poles have advantage over Turks considering their insane eco part. Also mongols rarely use pike in the late game that is not enough to deal with imperial age cavarly either.

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I mean, I do not think that Gurjaras and Italians are favorable match ups as turcs, butI do not feel turcs are hopeless either.
For some reason I though the main problem you were thinking about was the riders and mentioned camels because of that. I expect that Camels + HCA or janissaries should be okayish with a little micro. Camels against riders and janissaries against anything else. Turc camels should run away from Gurjaras camels, I agree. So with Janissaries behind it should be fine.

For Turcs against Italians, it is hard again because Trucs are one of the 3 big gunpowder civs (along with portuguese and bohemians) and Italians are “the anti-gunpowder civ”. I think in this case the Turcs players should try to make it a hussar war, as hussars should be okayish against both Geonese crossbowmen and Condotieri, which the Italians player would like to make against you (or so I expect). Hussars may be the best bet because they lack both onagers and elite skirmisher to take out geonese crossbowmen. And the weakness of Italians is having no halberdier and no camels, which makes it hard to fight cavalry without geonese crossbowmen.