The need of Turks civ

Since the new DLCs have arrived, the game balance has been destroyed. I think there are still problems with balancing. Especially in the Turks Gurjara match, the Turk has no answer to the Gurjara civ. The answers he can give are very easy for Gurjara to answer. I think the Turks civ was having trouble with the Italians as well. What I have noticed for a long time is that Turks should come to “pikeman”. At least he could fight against Gurjara. He could go head-to-head when there was a gold problem in the game against other civs. At least I think it will be a more enjoyable strategy game.
What do you think about adding “pikeman” to Turks? Can Turks respond to strong hussar civilizations without “pikeman”?

Anything wrong with turcs camels against Gurjaras ?

What problem are you having as turcs when facing italians ?

Heavy Cav Archer with Sipahi + Hussar + BBC is their best comp. And they also have Camels so I don’t think they need pikemen.


Turks have their own Hussar (free upgrade) which have +1 more pierce armour than other civs

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What about militia line having a little bonus against camels ?

Turks have camels bro…

Generic camels vs +4 melee armor and more bonus damage… is suicide play camels against Gurjaras being Turk


Turks is one of the most unique civs out there.
They just do things a bit “differently” than many others.

With the Gold bonus you can comfortably go Archers in the beginning.
Against a lot of camel civs they usually want to go Jans + Monks + Light cav (for raids).

This ofc doesn’t works against the Gurjara Riders, so this is indeed a very bad matchup for the civ.

Still, at least in the lategame you can go BBC Jannisary Champ. Potetnially even CA.
Camel Civs don’t really like that usually.


+4 melee armour is not a bonus vs. Sipahi heavy cav archers. The generic Camels don’t need to win the fights on their own, they just need to be a meat shield to tank the damage in front of the cav archers and BBC. You could even spam Hussar to do the same thing without the gold cost of Camels.

Gurjara Camels just delete cavalry archers in contact with the 40% bonus damage, if ranged attack are a problem then you add shri riders to soak that arrows.

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It’s a tough matchup for sure but it’s not unwinnable. Turk Camels do well enough against Gurjara Camels to act as a meat shield and let Sipahi Cav Archers and artillery BBC do damage from behind. Just have to make sure you back up pushes with castles (and artillery bombard towers if you can afford them). And take advantage of the insta-Hussar upgrade to raid them to death since you can’t win a head-on fight.

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I was talking about camel vs camel.
Over that i forgot the gurjara UT so cheaper camels, shrivansha riders and cheaper hussars.
Yes, average Turks 30% winrate vs Gurjaras is winnable, bur far away from fair and enjoyable matchup. Even Mayans vs Goths have more oportunities than turks vs Gurjaras.


Yes but this doesn’t mean Turks need a buff.
Gurjaras just need a nerf.


They already got 2 major nerfs.

And they still need more.

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foru sure but that mostly goes to the shri riders (that still are OP).

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It wasn’t enough. They still have way too many food bonuses. 1. Extra berries 2. Garrison sheep 3. Pretty much unraidable fish and 4. Kshatriyas tech is way too global, giving food discount on every single military unit, which is ridiculous. It should only apply to unique units.

Remove Elite Skirmisher from Berbers. If possible Berbers gets special treatment for their Genitour. Let’s say +1 range and a slight cost reduction. Remove Pikeman from them.
Turks gets the Pikeman. Tbh, Turks and Persians has been somewhat of meh civ ever since release. I think Turks should get a Trebuchet upgrade when Artillery is researched. Let’s say Great Bombard that packs and unpacks. Works similar fashion bombards do in AOE4.

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For Turk, I just want Jan to have higher accuracy like 85% or something and maybe their camel also benefit from the +1 pierce armor and that’s it. Sipahi should also affect knight line (for historical reason) but then they have to increase the price of it.


Exactly. Even without this tech their eco is decent enough.

Again I agree. Hussar and SR both being 25% cheaper is a nightmare for opponent to prevent raid.

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