The nerf of Chinese was put into a wrong site

First of all, I really agree with the decision of the production team that the Chinese is a civ that too strong, and need to be nerfed.

However, maybe the production team do not understand why Chinese is so strong - they nerfed an element that has nothing to do with the OP of Chinese - tea export and the blackhouse of the Russian consulate.

As we all know, Chinese is very weak in the commercial age - the fragile Qiang pickman and steppe rider, as well as Chu Ko Nu, who has a poor handle. Therefore, a black house will not make the Chinese become very strong, it just provides another tactics choice for Chinese, instead of FF everyday. Therefore, tea export and black room DO NOT need any form of weakening

So the key of nerfing Chinese is to nerf the FF. Especially the goat at the beginning. As for the 10 Changdao swordsman, it is not so important. However, it should be noticed that this may cause a sharp decline in the winning rate of the Chinese - after all, the Chinese winning rate is always not too high in the match.


yes,we need to nerf it in resonable way

Yes.The goat at the beginning is the keypoint. I think the meteor hammer nerf too much.It may be very difficult for Chinese to solve cannons.


The best thing for nerf Chinese is to weaken the opening goat and the card burst after ff, not in age 2 nerf chinese, which will make the Chinese get killed by other rush civs in age 2. And the Chinese have no resistance at all.
At the same time, the Chinese also have the weakest CM card in the whole civilization.If the production team insists on weakening the Chinese people, please strengthen the Boxers




Boxers is not a good way to rebalance the Chinese…unless it is buffed really too much

The blockhouse needed to be nerfed, it was a 2 in 1 castle/barracks and basically guaranteed a safe age up to fortress.

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agree, tea export is innocent

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Developers joined the “tea export” card for China in order to give China more tactical options, so as to replace the endless FF that has existed since the ancient version. Now the nerf is almost to make this card obsolete. I don’t understand the meaning of doing so.


I mean, nerf the Chinese is necessary, but it should not go too far.

however, the real problem is that there is no dangerous for chinese to FF. chinese FF do not need blockhouse at all

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if you ff with blockhouse, you will find that you spend a card in fortress age just for a barracks and a consulate