The new bonus of the Japanese and Chinese handmortar has break the balance

The new Chinese and Samurai bonus of the Odzutsu handmortar has break the balance?..What you do think about this?..

It’s just a siege range boost, no biggie

It’s definitely significantly overturned due to the fact that Daimyos can train units on the battlefield (and probably still would be even disregarding that fact). It will be WAY worse than the current scourge that are the ottoman grens. Samurai shred cav and beat basically all heavy infantry and light infantry in melee. The super siege-y heavy infantry is getting out of hand. Samurai also kill vills well.

Vs some civs you start to push after out fighting them and then they just gut your base with some kind of low-micro death ball. Then your army is way out of position and you really can’t kill 40 samurai fast enough to avoid losing critical factories/wonders unless you really, really like to wall (which btw walls are getting nerfed over time). 14 range allows many more samurai to hit the same building at the same time by simply walking closer to it before firing.

The card also buffs their team’s artillery, and gives Samurai a 1.15 x vs buildings on an attack that can hit like 160 something.

Having said all that, I believe the devs are going to fix this. We got communication from the devs shortly after the op-ness of this was discovered and I don’t believe they’ll add this in its current state (note the communication didn’t specifically address this, but I believe this was a major focus as much of the rest was at that time seemingly “mostly happy but…” which wouldn’t seem to solicit the response from the devs).

Personally, I think simply changing the samurai’s rate of fire to 4 or 4.5 on their siege attack would seem to be all that’s required. The range + artillery advantage + 15% more damage to buildings would be fine when a 33% RoF nerf is applied. I think it’d still be a ~buff since ranged allows more units to fire simultaneously and the +15% vs buildings makes it only an 18% loss (roughly).

TLDR: I think it’s very overpowered atm, but I think we have reason to believe it will be toned down before the patch drops.


I’d advocate for minimum siege range and slower rof.

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yes those samurais erase a militar base in seconds, unless artillery shoot them, but if samurais are acommpanied by culverins then is total dead. A group of 30 samurais or less kill any building with 1 attack.
Giving 14 siege range to samurais is a headache, please dont do it. Japan is already very good. I would prefer something else.

Range 14 for sieging is not fun for me.

" I think it’s very overpowered atm, but I think we have reason to believe it will be toned down before the patch drops." what reason? sweden was very op for 1 year.

I guess some balance adjustments could be delivered by adding a cost, nerfing the bonuses and only make it available in Imperial

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next patch they’ll keep the stupid mortars but then nerf samurai base stats into the ground so they’re unviable in all ages


You gotta agree, someone really loves mortars. I wonder if it has something to do with wall spamming.

Honestly, the way to fix walling late game is to make standard artillery (ie falcs, Flaming Arrows, Horse Artillery, Leather Cannons, Organ Guns, Gatling Guns, etc) better vs walls. Just a 1.5x vs walls, that’d probably be plenty.

The siege-y heavy infantry death pushes are annoying. Out play me please, don’t use some kind of stupid, low micro, siege push to kill my vills… It’s damaging to the late game in team. That type of play makes building walls WAY more critical.

Artillery should rip down walls faster, not infantry/cavalry.

Obviously, Native and India civs need decent siege since they have less artillery, but the natives aren’t the offenders here. So they can be left as is. Nerfing all the European and Japanese infantry by 20% vs walls and adding +50% to standard artillery vs walls would be nice.

If walls go to 10 wood, then a 20% nerf on the incoming damage from European and Japanese heavy infantry and cavalry would be totally fair. Especially if you add a +50% vs walls on standard artillery. Even than though, walls should only cost 7-8w.

i still think its pretty ridiculous to expect new players to spend around 50 wood just to block off a choke point.

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Japan has one of the best sieges in the game. This was unnecessary.

Did you mean unnecessary? The first part seems to contradict the second

Corrected. Thank you.

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This is now live and I tested it–I really actually don’t like speaking bad about the Devs but guys, how in the world can you possibly make the same mistake over and over again? What next? Are we gonna give Grenade launchers to speedy dops? Give them to Opris?

Again, I really don’t like speaking badly about the devs–there are lots of things that I disagree on design-wise (usually thematically), but what is this? I’m legitimately wondering.


Hmm, when I tested they didn’t have the bonus. That’s weird, but if people are correct there was a hotfix or something cause I got 160 something range Huaracas which have apparently been fixed.

On the bright side… Japan can out-lame Ottoman now… oh wait, that’s not a good thing…

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The 1.15 multi comes from the grenade upgrade at the golden pavilion after you send the card.

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The question I have is what speedy high hp super sieger are we gonna get with new civs?


they did the sane thing with the dutch akan muskets, but that still does take a patch and still does mean a 50/50 sane or lame chance every patch

Apparently some people still having 161 range huraccas in ranked games…

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Seems it may be just a visual bug and he’s had it fixed I believe.
Edit: not sure what’s going on