The new Letter from Germany and France that allows you with a royal house (NATIVE EUROPEAN POST) should work as it is with the Incas or Ethiopia, to be viable

That card is a heavily nerfed version of the Inca card (American Allies)

The letter of the Incas is in AGE 1, the units do not cost you population, it gives you a native embassy and the alliance is free

In the European it is in AGE 2, the units count population, it does not give you a native embassy, ​​you have to pay the alliance in the case of the Germans,

I don’t understand why, being the same mechanic, the European one is much worse, despite the fact that with Incas it is better since the bonus of the Inca explorer improves the stats of the natives

Although almost all the units of the European native posts are very OP, for which I can understand that it costs population but in any case the letter is waste, practically it only allows you to unlock a certain European native, it does not deliver anything else, you have to pay your even the embassy and the alliance, it seems that it is better to take a native ramdom position yourself hahaha so you do not spend a card you have units that do not cost population and you receive a trickle of experience.

That letter should be revised because it makes almost no sense only if it is strictly necessary to require that unit but even so, it is better to send you another shipment

I should leave it as it is with the Incas or it allows you to research a discounted upgrade.


I think you’re right about the age, it’s odd that the cards are age 2 when the inca get several options and all the techs and a native embassy all in age 1 and the units remain 0 pop.

The options you get are better though and france have a lot of native upgrade cards which effect the units and get 2 techs. The german don’t get techs but they get some really strong units that help fill their unit roster, the bad thing is most of them aren’t even available until age 3, it’d be nice to get a slightly weaker version in age 2 that shadow techs upon reaching age 3. I especially like the black brunswicker musketeer for germany, it’s like a super ashigaru.

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It doesn’t bother me, Inca war chief boosts native units around him so it’s part of the civ’s primary mechanics. Since sometimes there are no natives on the map. it’s a way for Inca to get natives.

African civs gain a native alliance in return for not getting something else, though I admit going Jesuit is a steal since you gain a native alliance and a church.

As for the new french and German cards? Sure they may cost pop but their limit is double the map trade posts, also they only cost 1 pop even if they’re cavalry.

I should also mention that French have 3 cards that boost native units (as well as cavalry combat and team ranged infantry attack) so going bourbon is really strong with them. 20 1 pop royal dragoons completely outclass your ordinary dragoons.

Choosing a princely state gives Germans options they didn’t have before as well.

Admitedly though I think the cards should be given in age 1, Age 2 cards are too crowded in my german and french decks.


European natives are stronger than american, africans and asian ones while german and french are very strong armies overall before the patch already

  • Deberían ser de edad I. Y entregar una embajada.

  • Mantenerse en edad II, entregar una embajada + un pequeño numero de unidades o desbloquear una tecnologia gratuitamente. (Aunque la edad II esta bastante colapsada de cards “indispensables”).

  • No costar pop (reducir su limite de unidades a la mitad).

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I think the reason it costs population is because now germany has an ‘infinite native’ shipping from age IV (14 habsburg allies). This shipment does not cost population. The ‘Army of the Circle’ card also sends royal house allies at no population cost.

I think it would be nice if on top of that it gave a couple of associated buffs in the embassy, and/or gave you a bunch of respective units when choosing the ally.

It would be great if it didn’t cost population, but it would be broken in the late game.

Maybe I could make them cost no population until age IV. In case you don’t have this card (infinite native) in your deck, allow these allies to cost no population.

Germany should at least have access to indigenous science and technology like France,

France can’t choose an ally though, germany can choose between quite a few different natives.

In fact, the effect of using this card is completely different from what the production team wants, basically no one will use this card in the ranking, he cannot attach additional German cavalry, Germany also has its own perfect army system in the ranking does not need this card at all, in the treaty ninety percent of the cases are to choose cuirassiers, very few will choose drummers, in fact, it is no problem to choose cuirassiers at any time, even if the population he occupies has been weakened once, even if he gives you so many options, But most of them are unattractive, of course, with the habit of the production team they may weaken the cuirassiers again to force the player to choose other options, Germany is my favorite country to use in the treaty, previously because their army was too weak to win, the cuirassiers are a good reinforcement, can transport two European musketeers further completed the reinforcement, sure enough, they weakened this card today, this card can only be sent once, To be honest, the cuirassiers of the two population units and the unlimited musketeers sent twice put Germany in a good position in the treaty, and I don’t understand why it should continue to be weakened, it is obvious that if the card is still not liked by the player, the production team will continue to weaken the cuirass to force the player to use other options