The New PUP Patch!

All HRE mains lets give the devs a little love here!

The latest HRE changes have been awesome! Changes to the chapel and cathedral are really well done and I believe are consistent with the identity of the landmarks.

Love the developers note indicating a desire to encourage using relics in defensive structures.

Thanks guy! <3

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Should rename the title if you wanted to address 1 specific civ change and not the overall PUP info. IMO

congrats to the new HRE OP civ …

The regnitz change isn’t bad, but for the most the changes don’t make sense in my opinion…

You now need a lot more map control to get the same amount of gold, which isn’t easy as HRE against like French or mongols.

The chapel buff is unnecessary in my opinion, the chapel overall was already a good landmark, now it’s an obligated choice since it buff your late game farming eco so much. The meiwerk palace is even more useless despite the buff, they could have at least buffed it to 50%, and it would have been still less useful than the old chapel.

Elzbach Palace is still super niche… only the prelate healing+inspire mechanic is good, but still I don’t think that I’ll use them to inspire military units.

I don’t know, I don’t like much the new HRE overall…