The New Random Map Amazon Tunnel

What does everyone think about this new random map amazon tunnel? I think it’s great for awful players and noobs in a 4v4 team game. Or people who simply want a long, chill game that does not end early. It seems like a cross between black forest and michi at the same time.

Do you think this a good map for bad players or new players to play on? Even better than black forest?

But what about for competitive players who love to rush in open map like Arabia? Is this map a nightmare for you? Since you have to turtle and boom, other than just rushing all the time. Where if you try to rush, your rush may fail horridly and actually set yourself back while your enemy safely out boomed you.

This map looks even worse than BF.
From all new maps, this is the worst.

It’s bad simply because you can’t trade efficiently without spending time cutting trees with onagers

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I think it’s bad cause there’s so little room for maneuvering. At least in Balck forest you can try to attack through different “paths”. Because there’s so little room to maneuver, civ that has great onager can easily flatten the enemy.

I don’t like the relic distribution. In black first you don’t need to to forward for relics while here whoever controls the tunnel gets almost all.

On the contrary this is one of the few aspects of this map that I like over Black Forest. There is something to fight over before the eventual slog of siege onager fest.


Welcome to Black Forest: Fatslob edition. Like seriously it sounds like they absolutely want him to play DE 11

I haven’t tried playing it, but it looks like a map that really favours early aggression to try to push the area you control as far towards the enemy as possible? It might well take a long time to turn that advantage into eventual victory, but if the two sides are equally skilled, then whoever grabs the biggest portion of the middle early on should eventually win?

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