The new scenario editor has many changes that broke old Maps from AOE 2 HD

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.33315.0.4426672)
  • Platform (Steam)

First of all, I am a big fan of the AOE 2 Series, been playing it and making custom scenarios for the game for many years, and would love to see the game improve with time.

So here is what I would love to see get fixed in AOE 2 DE, there are many things that broke many hard-working scenario maps that has thousands and thousands of Triggers:

  1. Giving units or buildings the effect “Damage Object” with negative values. This should be just like AOE 2 HD, at the moment on AOE 2 DE this has no effect on the units, buildings.
    Tell me why is this needed? Some maps use this trick to give units or buildings a temporarily HP which means if you give for example a Villager a Damage object value of -100, the Villager will have 40 HP and (100 HP) that is temporarily, and if an enemy damage this Villager for 100 damage the max HP of the Villager will still be 40 HP so you can’t heal this villager up to 140 HP because this trick makes the unit have a temporary HP.

  2. A new change that has been introduced in AOE 2 DE where you can’t give gaia objects like Trees HP, why do we need HP for Trees? So you can give villagers the ability to get more Wood from certain trees or gold or whatever.

  3. Names on units, buildings, gaia should have a longer name that shows the whole full name without the need for it to scroll, just like AOE 2 HD the issue is not present, you may ask why this should change? Because when you make for example a Tower Defence map with the ability to buy stuff at the Store of that map you may want people to see what the item store has to offer, currently for example if I add this text “Give all Towers +400 High points [35 gold]” to a relic, with the new AOE 2 DE it will not show it all, it has to scroll very slowly from left to right, and go back from right to left to just see the full name of what this buyable power does.

  4. The new civilizations are nice addition but, when you want to import an old Map to AOE 2 DE, you should have an option in the Lobby where you could remove the ability to pick any of the new Civilizations because there are some Maps that can have a Hero for each different civilizations, and when you pick a civilization that is not from the older AOE 2 versions, you will not have a hero spawned at all.

  5. Why are units, buildings HP limited to only 32xxx HP? And what is even more annoying for map makers is that when units, buildings reach that point of HP they will just die as they explode from having too much HP.

  6. The new addition for the objective being always-on screen is nice but would be even better if we could give each Player a custom objective unlike everyone having the same exact objective, we could use this to teach people how to play a custom scenario for example.

  7. When I load an old Map from AOE 2 with .scx and try to save the map using “Save as”, the game will crash.

  8. Sometimes when I delete Triggers in a fast sequence the game will crash (I am editing an old .scx map).

  9. Heal Object can heal units but it will make units unable to have armor, attack power, and range technologies like Fletching, Bodkin Arrow, Padded Archer Armor, scale mail amor Scale Mail Armor etc…


I made few addition to the thread, I am sorry if this is too much for one thread.

Last one is:
10. Why can’t we pick a Computer on the slots in the lobby no more? People would just be joining over the Computers slots and I don’t want that to happen.

The 32767 HP limit is due to how the value is stored in memory.
Weirdly, This is only on Max HP, with regular HP able to go to like… 2 billion. But, with Damage Object now broken, I guess that is irrelevant for now.

Did you post these suggestions to Lord Base’s topic? The FE devs are actively watching that thread for editor feedback, here: A few ways to improve the scenario editor

Hey Sparkx,

I haven’t seen Basse post, but thanks for letting me now.

I will talk to him about it.