The new update and the dlc may not release in this month

Yeah the company really loves paying their employee for a large amount of work then throw it into trashcan.


There isn’t even a hint for new dlc and the update will come this month. Like @ArrivedLeader22 said as if they have made all the new skins just for pastime.


The impatience of people…


calm down people, it doesn’t make sense for them to put pup in july if it’s not released this month, calm down.


Insane, how not even 50% of the month is done, and they be like " no patch this month !" :joy:


If the speculation is correct that the Danish and Polish rev flags are for new civs those could be months out. Like maybe October for the anniversary of the release of DE.

The patch will probably come out later this month. It’s not the first time it took them a while after the pup is it? I feel like it took a while once before, so this isn’t even super unheard-of.

Not to mention they still have two full weeks yet and if they’re working on a game breaking bug I’d rather have the July Patch come out in early August than the game crash every-time someone does x, y, or z


If they add new civs and dlc they would do exactly as they do now: keep everything under wraps until they are ready.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some top level players still have access to the pup but under nda.

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  1. Don’t be impatient - we literally have PUP notes meaning that we will get an update patch.
  2. No one has officially stated we are getting DLC this update.
  3. Read 1 & 2 again for more information.

Hi this is very informative but I’d like to give my counter point
1- i am the self claimed protagonist of the universe. All things I decide are true, and if something doesnt fit my limited understand of the world that is bad. I want games now even tho I have no idea the innerworkings of the game nor have I any ability to delay gratification.
Therefore, because I am impatient and upset, the devs and others are wrong and they “need” to appease me instantly. I cannot accept that things may not align with my headcannon of events because again, since I am the self delcared knower of all things this would create cognitive distortion in regards to the health of my current coping mechanicsms. So therefore, devs must cater to my whim or they are bad people who lie and kick dogs
-t avg forum poster when jimmys have been rustled.
(sorry for sarcasm, its just the doom and gloom this summer has been exceptionally thick. I want the update asap ofc, but its been pretty interesting seeing people declare it “must” come now even though the game is relatively functional atm)


Denmark and Poland are only to be added as revolutions not as new DLC!

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Gotta love that source hahah

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You never know. Some other people were speculating they’d get added, so with the topic referencing an unconfirmed DLC I think I reasonably assumed that was what the original poster was talking about

After 13 days of inactivity the depots are being updated again:


Maybe the staff are back from vacation.


Well, I bought all AoE in Steam so that the developers hear my requests for AoE3DE

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Trust me, they won’t hear you anyway, because they follow the order given by SCUMBAG leaderships.

SCUMBAG??? I hear it for the first time! Maybe you wanted to say “Microsoft leaderships”?

I hate lack of communication, be neglected intentional so they can squeeze AOE II’s last money cow value and save the SO-CALLED AOE IV this Mobile/E-Sports CRAP while pretending AOE III never exist.


Management: great! The players of this series largely overlap. Let’s try to herd everyone into “the one game” even harder.

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