The new update and the dlc may not release in this month

After 13 days of inactivity the depots are being updated again:


Maybe the staff are back from vacation.


Well, I bought all AoE in Steam so that the developers hear my requests for AoE3DE

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Trust me, they won’t hear you anyway, because they follow the order given by SCUMBAG leaderships.

SCUMBAG??? I hear it for the first time! Maybe you wanted to say “Microsoft leaderships”?

I hate lack of communication, be neglected intentional so they can squeeze AOE II’s last money cow value and save the SO-CALLED AOE IV this Mobile/E-Sports CRAP while pretending AOE III never exist.


Management: great! The players of this series largely overlap. Let’s try to herd everyone into “the one game” even harder.

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I think last July didn’t have a patch either, let the team have some vacation.

How can you be so entitled, dude? We aren’t even in Mid July


They should have kept the pup open until the updates ready to be released. Usually we have the pup and it ends and then the following tuesday the updates out.

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That might mean they’re actually adding to it or doing some major fixes. Otherwise they probably would have left it.


Unfortunately, for me, I don’t currently play AOE4.
I bought all the remastered titles in the Age series and AGE4, ​​but now I only play 2DE, 3DE and AoM EX. The reasons why I don’t play the exceptions are those 1DE was hard to play due to its too outdated system, and AOE4 was disappointing for me because it didn’t feel like an Age series game.

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In my case, I finished the Arkantos campaign and I no longer play AoM EX (I’m going to wait for Retold to continue playing with the expansions)… I play AoEO (and AoE 2 and AoE 3 when the events come out) and then others RTS like CoH 2, Sudden Strike 4, Red Alert Remastered, RUSE and a long etc…