The new yellow and long trees in Black forest

Someone must think they are making art, but its actually pathatic. the new big trees, cause clutter and lag. and THE SMALL TREE MOD DOES NOT WORK ON THEM. Nice of you to ruin games.

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Imagine getting angry at getting new content added 11


I understand irritation when an update breaks mods, but yeah it comes of slightly funny
trees ruined my videogame! THANKS, devs!!! :smiley:


I feel really sorry for the artists who work on this game. They obviously put a lot of work into making it look fantastic - and it really does look fantastic - only to have huge swathes of the playerbase sully it with small trees, cubes, range indicators, the grid, etc. It must be especially demoralising that some of these things are official features and are promoted on the official website.

Personally, I really appreciate the new birch trees! I hope I’m not the only one, but it does sort of feel that way…


It’s untrue that small trees doesn’t work on the new trees. The official one works and some others work. Maybe not all but that’s no fault of the devs that’s the fault of the non-official mods that aren’t updated yet.


You are using an outdated small trees mod, thats why it “doesn’t work”