The number of Japanese Yorishiro placed in economic buildings should be capped

Placing Yorishiro in Farmhouse,Lumber Camp, and Forge with a maximum number of 10 or 15, respectively, makes more sense. Now for 1 and a half hours of battle, the Japanese can accumulate 20 Yorishiro to place in the Forge, so that there is 20*75=1500gold/min, the longer the time will be more.This is so unreasonable.


the problem isnt the fact they can accumulate 1500 gold per min from relics alone.

the problem is the fact you just had a battle that lasted 1 hour +++

I mean Malians can get 1200 food per min from cows alone with the Grand Fulani Corral landmark alone.
And they can obtain this within a respectable 20 minutes into the game. Or even faster if they decide to ignore Fast castle / Fast Imp.

Yoroshiro takes time to gather, and destroying the building contianing it also destroys the Yoroshiro relic.

It’s literally the only eco buff they have (despite the ridiculous farming area spending an amount of 2100 stone) and you want them nerfed? Lol

It’s definitely an S-rated landmark, it’s much better than another castle age landmark -Regnitz Cathedral, People always choose to build floating gates rather than temples of equality,so the floating gate need a nerf and the temple of equality need a buff.

Life’s not that simple. It’s just not nerf the good one and buff the bad one.

The good one is fine as it is right now, it’s just the equality temple that is bullshit and needs to be buffed or changed. Yoroshiro buildings can be destroyed, losing the relic and the buff, also, we are talking about a buff that can only be stacked once in the building, and gives 75 gold/min. There are buffs much stronger like rus hunter cabins.

You literally are claiming to nerf the unique thing that can boost a bit the japanese eco.

I think a simpler way to address the issue would just to stop spawning yorishiro if you already have 15-20.

If a building get destroyed then they would resume spawning.

Preventing people from using them would just make load of yoroshiro everywhere on the floor and people would be confused why they can’t use them.

Yorishiro in forge could also be reduced to 60 gold (wood and food would remain to 75).

I say that as a Japanese Player.

But please in exchange buff the budist monks. Maybe just spawning 2 free monk when landmark is complete would be good enough.

I agree to your suggestion. I think it’s more reasonable to limit the number of Yorishiro in Farmhouse,Lumber Camp, and Forge to 10 or 15, with a maximum of 30 or 45. Placing Yorishiro in military buildings or TC is not restricted.

I mean in extreme, unusual situations. For example, in a map with only one Mountain pass, where the Yorishiro Forge is not destroyed and traders are not disturbed or attacked, the Japanese can have few or no traders and still produce enough gold. Relative to other civilizations, the Japanese were able to use the population that would have been used to build traders to build military populations. It’s not fair.

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Well the thing is, almost every civ has traits that allow them to produce gold passivly, i gave ya an example of the Malians, they produce 1200 food without need of villagers, tnot to mention mining pits producing gold or stone ontop of that.
Then you you have english and their Enclosures combined with cheaper farms saving them considerable amount of resources in the early game over to outright producing Gold additional to food frol the same villager.
You have french and their guild hall, although not as strong, still produces resources out of thin air of your choise, not to mention they get considerable cheaper military units around castles.
You have Rus and thir Golden gate and hunting cabins ontop of early gamebunti, that produces significant amount of resources.
Ottomans getting free units which under the max production speed and military school limit does reach 1k resources a min for free if you were to convert the unit value.
Mongols t########## produce stone for free although not much even with white stupa.
They do however have raiding bounty which fykly upgraded can lead to considerable amount of resources especially in the late game.
Abbasid get free secondary resources from Trade, allowing you especially in team games get away with just Vills on food and around 30~40 traders getting tou all the gold and wood needed.
Not to mention their golden age allows for far more efficient and cost effective villagers.

Chinese pretty much gets around 1300 gold per minut alone from their Taxation system if handled efficiently.
Especially the new Zhu Xi legacy.

While HRE relies on relics, once they obtain them, which they normally always should as its their first priorirty. They hardly need villagers at gold anymore due to boosted relic income.
Even without relics, they have the most efficient villagers in game under the prelate presence, and get away with half the amount of villagers to produce the same resource per minute as other civs.

Every Civ has their passive resource income one way or another.

Just because they dont get outright Gold per Minute over time, dosnt mean they have other means of competing.

The Yoroshiros are fine as they are, focus on targetting down thise buildings and you solve your problem.