The number of players in Age of Empires 4 has stabilized and the gameplay needs a bold change, don't be timid like a coward.Nothing ventured, nothing gained

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Age of Empires 4 is now nearly two years old, and the number of players is almost certain. We can do an Age of Empires 4 major changes.
The number of fans of Age of Empires 4 has stabilized, and they are all looking forward to the major update. Especially webcast players.
We need a big change like LOL to attract more players. I was able to bring most of the unused gameplay to life. Empire 4’s website should not presume that the game’s gameplay is complete.
Age of Empires 4 needs to learn from LOL, LOL is 13 years old, it is an old game, but it never stops changing, and the changes are so big. They were bold enough to try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
The two graphs below show that
LOL equipment changes. Become more flexible and useful. The archer can use the warrior’s equipment, all the equipment you can have the opportunity to match a thousand strange combinations, and produce a thousand strange gameplay

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I do not agree with your change, it takes too much cue from LOL without a real originality ', you are simply praphrasing the willing addition of objects, camouflaged with weapons, I do not understand the ending, since it would no longer be aoe4 but literally another type of RTS, I do not think similar changes are possible, since you are constituting to create a change that would lead the game to be brought back to a Beta state, even if the game is already out and has been developed for other platforms such as Xbox, this is convenient in the difficulty for the development of a radical change, due to the wealthy difficulty in development, to be optimized for both platforms, then an explanation of how these mechanics should work specifically, to give them a real value.


I’m not saying Age of Empires 4 needs to be armed.
I mean, Age of Empires 4 should get a big update, just like LOL’s gear.
Recliner didn’t say how the game would change, I was urging officials to actively change the game, for better or for worse. A change is a good thing.


With this I agree in the opinion, especially important thing in the nature of the game, which consists in the continuous perfection and resolution of problems, if I can give an example such games need constant development to stay alive, here we are not talking about a game that develops content, the only possibility that comes out of the box would be that of mods, but without people interested in them, we are not playing Minecraft, For example, the content is not infinite, so as you say we need a continuous change, not an improvement, improvement is only a perfection, which when finished makes stability boring, and when a player reaches perfection, it follows abandonment.


With time and some love (content and fixes) and marketing, it might stabilize at +10,000.


There are also examples of extremely popular games that don’t make any major changes. Many players will prefer to not have to keep learning about new additions to games. Being able to just run a game up and play it without constantly needing to worry about the gameplay having changed since you last played it has its own appeal.

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Those games have such large player bases that they can sustain themselves with just releasing cosmetic packs to keep the player base amused. Even in those cases under the hood large updates are taking place to the engine for example Fortnite or Hunt Showdown. What is AOE4’s defining feature how is it going to grow it’s brand?

It’s not going to coast through on it’s name recognition that’s abundantly clear. The small player base it has will dwindle. And if you think adding more civs is going to stop that it isn’t. The numbers will go back in a month at most.

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This sounds like something someone could put in a custom game mode, and something that should never ever be in the default game.

All players want more updates. Those who have been joking about game balance and game bugs are actually expressing their desire for more changes to the game. And the changes fit my expectations. The so-called game has become more perfect, its essence is to make the game more in line with their own want to play. But there are a lot of bug-loving players out there. For example, Age of Empires 2 had a lot of bugs, and viper used these bugs to develop a lot of gameplay. So the game doesn’t have to be perfect, the less perfect it is, the less chance the player has to play.

I mean the gameplay is relative to the previous version. The previous version of melee equipment, this version of the long-range shooter can also use

Question is, when and if will this time and love being FIRST invested?
Haven’t seen much of it until now.

The game for sure has HUGE potential.
Let’s hope, a bigger budget is being invested timely.

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While I do not disagree that Age of Empires needs to be bold and take chanses.

You can’t really compared age of empires 4.

I mean. LOL is a “stolen” concept from Original DOTA mod from WC3.
Autochess gamemode was pretty much copied from DOTA that copied from one fo the OG Autochess games.

Also LOL still only has 1 map layout and 1 map layout only. To coward to try figure out a new game-map layout. While the events they sometimes bring with unique maps and gamemodes are always popular, they never seem to estabelish any of them. 2 afraid to stirr the competative fanbase for whatever reason.

Regardless none of that matters.

LOL is a completely different game than AOE4.

A lot of stuff has changed in AOE4. I think we shud spend some time appreciating those massive changes that has been done, rather than calling them cowards.

And soon enough, more are to come with upcoming expansion.

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Nomad megarandon is the most popular custom game mode. They could make this way more popular and attract new players. Adding a proper ranking ladder. You can already have 16players, add skins, every season mix it up abit. Have specialised maps with arenas, a nomad map where your starting units are in a ship. It could be a testing play to try new stuff in the game