The online game does not work after last patch

The game does not work after the last patch. If i manage to enter a game (something very rare), the game runs very badly: like i’m playing at 10-20 fps at most.
The most important thing is that it is impossible to find/host a game right now. I usually play with a friend and we are unable to join each other’s games: and the games we see in the broweser are not even the same (and we only see about 4-5 matches at most).

I wonder how devs manage to screw the whole multiplayer game with a single patch.

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idk but it seems to be very different between players. I’ve read a few complaints about the bad game performance after the last patch (and i believe u) but on my (non gaming, casual) Pc it runs smoth and matchmaking is perfectly fine. A friend of mine has constantly problems running AOE3 despite having a gaming pc… so idk… its strange

So it’s only some people?? Cause my experience right now is very similar to OP’s. I hope they find a fix soon, I was a nearly daily player and I haven’t been able to get into a game lately

U on steam or ms store?

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There is already a hotfix for this, but it’s not released on the Windows Store version yet.

Has there been any word on when the Xbox version will be getting the update? me and my friends have been trying to play together for over a week now :confused: