The only accurate Spahi in the Age of Empires series, thanks to the developers

Originally, due to personal energy reasons, I planned to stop paying attention to the Age of Empires game during this time, but this accidental discovery surprised me too much, and the sense of mission made me have to send it out for everyone to see.


Where can we get this skin??


send card " kapikulu"


0_0 Amazing !!!


Hoping the royal guards get a similar treatment.


I just checked it, it really works! The maces are huge, can’t believe how cool it is.

But it needs a team card to activate. I think there should be a non-Team Kapikulu card, or automatic upgrade on entering Industrial Age (age 4), so we can also have the upgrade in 1v1 games (most).


Notice also the golden sword sheath, symbol of high rank and nobility.


It’s a testament to the brilliance of the devs we’re still finding new stuff two weeks after the patch came out. Amazing.

I will never tire of stating with supreme confidence and pride 3DE has the best devs period.


Truly amazing. I played Ottoman little. Now I have a reason to explore more about this faction.


You mean the original spahi is not accurate?

AoE4 has too much emphasis on “playability”.

I think the logic is as follows:

AoE4 devs want to keep the units’ names and stats the same (and mostly look very similar) so that its balanced right from the start, and so that new players don’t have to spend too much time learning the unit roster of a new civ.

This is a decision taken based on AoE2, almost every civ has a generic roster. And it is done so that AoE4 eventually develops into a competitive esport.

This is sadly a step backward from AoE3 imo, and it’s no wonder people from AoE2 and AoE3 have stayed with their games and havent really moved to AoE4.

Also, AoE4 claims to be inspired by history, but it’s mostly inspired by game balance. At least don’t lie about what you want to achieve. They wanted to make a game that caters to everyone, and I dont think that works.

While old age games and particularly the definitive editions feel like a labor of love, AoE4 feels like a pure commercial venture without soul.


Not necessarily. They were/are fine but this one looks like a badass one and the armor is exactly what we can see in the museums.


Did you make the skybox background setup on scenario editor for the screenshot?

this is with photo mode ingame
you can press esc to pause then top right button to access, he used sunset lighting preset, very cool feature, strongly recommend using

I wish the card that did this was a bit better, hard to justify sending a team card in 1v1 for only 10% melee resist.


Maybe 10% for heavy cavalry in general on the team, and 20% for spahis. That would be viable in teams and in 1vs1, but I don’t know if it would be broken XD.

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I doubt it would be broken in 1v1 because it’s hard to get that many spahi, I think it would be better if the other age 4 spahi shipment of 6 also made this change and give it a small cost.


esa carta afecta a los deliliers xd

Up to AOE3 each age game had something new over it’s predecessors but AOE II 2*, was a step backward.

*I call it that because there isn’t a sequel to AOE III


Rise of Nations? Although it doesn’t bear the name “Age of Empires”. However, I just regard “Age of Mythology” as AOE 0, and “Rise of Nations” as AOE 4(pseudo).